Foster Child and Slingshot, two films by Filipino director Brillante 'Dante' Mendoza which are currently playing at the Pusan International Film Festival, have been sold to the UK and France respectively.

Pecadillo Pictures has taken on the UK rights to Foster Child in a deal concluded by the company's Tom Abell and Kahloon Loke with Philippines-based Ignatius Films Canada.

The picture won Cherry Pie Picache the best actress award in Cinefan in Delhi this year for her role as a foster mother. It was previously sold to France 's Ad Vitam at Cannes, and a February 2008 release in France is now scheduled.

Slingshot (Tirador) has been sold to Swift Distribution for France and French-speaking Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Ignatius Films Canada negotiated the deal with Didier Costet for Swift, which previously bought Mendoza 's feature debut The Masseur.

Shot in documentary style, the picture depicts the lower class life of theft and pick-pocketing. It premiered in Toronto and is expected to play in Berlin 's Forum next year.