Pyramide International ishitting the AFM with a hot new documentary project, three new films to screen,the first images from Catherine Breillat's latest and a quirky comedy starringMarianne Faithfull.

The documentary, Let'sSay, is directed by Francoise Marieand will be ready for Cannes 2007. The director went to various differentregions in France to interview children and have them spend time playing outthe roles of their parents' occupations; from the children of doctors givingmedical consultations to restaurant-owners' offspring working in the kitchen.

Produced by Les Films de laBoissiere, film is already sold in Italy, Switzerland, Benelux and Israel withJapanese buyers circling. A seven-minute promo reel is available in SantaMonica.

Three films from the companywill screen: Alessandro Angelini's Italian film Salt Air which picked up the best actor prize in Rome; CallMe Elisabeth by Jean-Pierre Ameriswith Stephane Freiss and Maria de Medeiros and the world premiere of CatherineCorsini's Ambitious. The latterfilm stars Karin Viard, Eric Caravaca and Jacques Weber.

The first images will beavailable from controversial director Catherine Breillat's An Old Mistress starring Asia Argento. The costume drama is a $9m effortalong the lines of Dangerous Liaisons.

Further, Marianne Faithfullstars in the English-language Irina Palm by Sam Gabarski. The $4.5m comedy tells the story of an old womanlooking for work who wanders into a sex shop and discovers she has a pair ofhands that will become the talk of the town.

Other films on the line upinclude On The Ropes by formerFrench Thai boxing champion Magaly Richard Serrano. The story of a pair offemale kickboxers, the film stars Richard Anconina.

Finally, I'm Not Here ToBe Loved director Stephane Brizereturns with Among Adults. The$1.3m film will be ready in February 2007.