Egyptian independent production Rags & Tatters has grossed an impressive $30,000 following a two-week run in Egyptian cinemas. The film was originally slated to run for only one week.

Local exhibitor Al Arabia Cinema decided to extend the film’s run after the strong box office in the first week, during which it grossed $20,000, healthy numbers for an independent production. The film was released on November 20 in seven theatres.

“The success of Rags & Tatters confirms the readiness of the Egyptian film market to accept different genres of films; our goal is to always support Egyptian films in every way, especially those films planned to be showcased in a different way to the ongoing market conditions,” said Al Arabia Cinema co-founder and CEO Isaad Younis.

Local distributor MAD Solutions held test screenings of the film two months prior to release, a new practice in Egypt, to determine the marketing and distribution spend and strategy. The one week-only release was intended to drive audiences to theatres ahead of cable TV and online distribution.

“The one week screening experience achieved many goals; in addition to the high revenues the film achieved in only seven theatres, its success made theatres believe that a good promotional plan for any film can guarantee success, and this will encourage them to support other similar movies,” said MAD Solutions co-founder Alaa Karkouti.

Directed by Ahmad Abdallah, Rags & Tatters combines narrative and documentary techniques in the story of a fugitive who has escaped prison and is seeking shelter in the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution. It was co-produced by Cairo-based Film Clinic and Mashrou, a production company founded by Abdallah, Asser Yassin (who stars in the film) and Amr Shama.

Rotana Studios previously acquired a slew of rights to the film, which received its world premiere at Toronto, including Middle East TV and online streaming rights and worldwide in-flight entertainment. A theatrical release in Kuwait is expected following its success in Egypt.