Lisa is in-house film critic for the English-language channel of 24-hour TV news network France24. After 17 years at Variety, the Paris-based critic began reviewing for Screen International in 2008.

Lisa Nesselson

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Top Five

  1. Carol
    Todd Haynes

    Cinematic artifice in the service of emotional truth so unmistakably right that, despite a suggestion of hot girl-on-girl action, it hasn’t given rise to inane chatter about “the male gaze”. Todd Haynes and Patricia Highsmith are a match made in heaven. Cate Blanchett was born to wear those clothes. The camera (and real Super-16 film) was invented to record those longing glances. And when the action circles back and forbidden love seems possible, it’s not a dopey happily-ever-after but (hallelujah!) a movie-for-adults ending. Carol left me cheering for fictional characters I want to see walk into sunset after sunset.

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  2. Phoenix
    Christian Petzold
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  3. Mr Holmes
    Bill Condon
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  4. Bridge Of Spies
    Steven Spielberg
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  5. Marguerite
    Xavier Giannoli
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Best Documentary

Where To Invade Next

Where To Invade Next
Michael Moore

You leave the theatre entertained and somewhat smarter after Moore’s sharp, funny exploration of the heresy that the US really could learn a thing or two from other nations. The iconoclast director spins his moral compass, then points his camera at well-chosen examples of real-world problem-solving.


Best UK Film

My Nazi Legacy

My Nazi Legacy
David Evans

Even if your offspring are well into their twilight years, it’s rotten parenting to leave them with the knowledge your actions helped exterminate at least 3 million people. German Niklas Frank reviles his Nazi father. Austrian Horst von Wächter still believes his dad was a wonderful man. A riveting and felicitous combination of subject and film-maker.

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Undiscovered Gem

Women Hes Undressed

Women He’s Undressed
Gillian Armstrong

From hand-painting neckties with intimate roommate Archibald Leach (Cary Grant) to collecting three well-deserved Oscars, prolific Australia-born costume designer Orry-Kelly lived a life that sounds like it was straight out of the movies. Oh, wait… it was! (Except for the “straight” part.) A bittersweet and dazzlingly informative documentary.

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