Paris based sales outfitRoissy Films has acquired rights to comedy L'Entente Cordiale as itheads into the European Film Market.

The film is a $20m productionfrom Les Films Christian Fechner with a heavyweight cast that includes DanielAuteuil, Christian Clavier, Jennifer Sanders, Francois Morel and FrancoisLevanthal.

Vincent De Brus will direct L'EntenteCordiale for a late 2005 delivery. The film is being released by WarnerBros France.

The unlikely buddy comedyfollows a former French diplomat, Clavier, who comes out of retirement to helpout the government and pick up a gun from a Russian arms dealer in London.

Unknown to him, the guncontains a deadly microchip. When he accidentally injects the chip into histranslator's (Auteuil) body, the man becomes a walking time bomb.

Chased by Taiwaneseterrorists, Scotland Yard and the French army, the two run a dangerous mazethrough London.

Shooting is set to take placefrom February through April in Paris and London.

De Brus has just wrapped L'Antidote- also starring Clavier - which will be released in March by Warner BrosFrance.