As the third edition of theRome International Film Festival wrapped, Rome's President Gian Luigi Rondi outlined some of his plans for future editions.

Those plans included dates for Rome's next three editions: October 15-25 2009; October 25-November 4 2010; and 2011 is likely to be October 26-November 6. Citing Venice and Turin, Italy's more established festivals, Rondi said 'No one will step on each others toes.'

Rondi also confirmed that Rome will continue with its mandate to have a populist appeal 'Tutto il cinema per tutti, (all cinema for everyone) could be the slogan,' he said.

And he underlined his ambition that Rome's market event, the Business Street, will grow, 'The industry is very important to me. Without the industry there are no films, without films there are no festivals,' he said.

According to official festival figures, Rome's market screenings and meetings attracted 620 accredited participants. Italian sales agent Adriana Chiesa saw quick sales off Rome's opening film The Man Who Loved (L'uomo che ama) to five territories including Russia (Civic Impex), Central Europe (SPI International), Greece (PVC), Canada (TLN) India (Alliance). She also announced sales on Venice title Puccini and The Girl (Canada, India and Greece).

Despite some describing the third edition as lacklustre compared to the first two editions, the official statistics show that the festival has seen a 14.5% increase in ticket sales over last year and has drawn more local filmgoers.

Francesca Via, Rome's general director commented, 'The many overbooked events in over booking proves that this is a city of cinema lovers.'