Keating talks to Screen about his acting debut in the “beautiful story” of Goddess.

Singer and former Boyzone member Ronan Keating makes his acting debut in Goddess, the Australia-set musical being sold by Ealing Metro.

“Acting is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve read for parts in Moulin Rouge! and King Arthur, but I never felt like I was good enough then. Now I said I wanted to go for it.”

Goddess presented “a beautiful story” but also “a great crossover with music. The music allows me to be me.” He only sings one song, though. “It’s nice in a way, I don’t want everything to be relying on my voice. I hope people say, ‘Oh, wow, he can act.’”

Laura Michelle Kelly plays a housewife married to Keating’s character. When he’s away a lot on business, he gives her a webcam to stay in touch. Insetad, she uses it to showcase her singing talents, and becomes famous. His character then has to stay home and look after the kids while she performs.

“It’s warm and funny and also the songs are amazing,” he says of the film.

Mark Lamprell directs. “He would give me space and time. And also work with me, of course let’s face it, I’m an amateur.”

Irish Keating spends about five months of the year in Australia (he’s a judge on the Australian X Factor). He’s already lined up another acting gig in Australia and another one in England. “I’m excited, I’m loving it,” he says of his new career path.