Follows the steps of a Danish gay man to Brazil, where he hopes to be able to adopt a child.

Prod companies: Ginga Eleven Filmes, Fine & Mellow
Backers: Nordisk, Audivisual Law of Brazil, Ancine, Europa Filmes
Producers: Hank Levine ,Thomas Gammeltoft, Ivan Teixeira, Astrid Hytten
Budget: 4m
Intl sales: Nordisk
Director: Carlos Oliveira
Screenplay: Carlos Oliveira, Morten Kirskskov, Jens Dahl
DoP: Phillipe Krest
Production Design: Valdy Lopes
Art Director: Valdy Lopes
Cast: Anders Berthelsen, David Dencik, Viviane Pasmanter
Locations: Sao Paulo, Brazil