Former co-CEO of Preferred Film & TV Ross Dinerstein has launched the production company backed by Content Media.

Former co-CEO of Preferred Film & TV Ross Dinerstein has launched the production company Campfire backed by Content Media.

Ross has taken a couple of completed titles with him from Preferred Film & TV as part of his inaugural slate: sci-fi horror The Diabolical starring Ali Larter and Rodney Ascher’s The Nightmare.

The roster features a new documentary project about the personal computer wars of the 1980s.

Dinerstein’s Los Angeles-based venture will make three to five features a year at various budget levels and genres, one to two television and digital series and three to four commercials through strategic partners with European-based production companies.

Campfire will also provide post-production services for in-house and third-party product.

“Campfire is the company that I have been planning since I started in this business, and Content Media has given me the support and resources to make this dream a reality,” said Dinerstein, who has made 10 films with Content such as The Pact and The Divide.  “Campfire will be an innovative company that works in all media and platforms.”

“Ross has proven himself to be a highly accomplished producer and entrepreneur and we are extremely excited to be part of his ambitious future plans,” said Content CEO John Schmidt and president of film Jamie Carmichael.

Dinerstein has appointed Joel Henry as head of physical production, Saul Herckis as head of post-production and Andrew Schwarz as coordinator of production and development. Lydia Dunham will continue to assist Dinerstein as he runs the day-to-day operations.

His producing credits include Mr. Jones, The Killing Room and The Day and he served as executive producer on Jiro Dreams Of Sushi and television pilot The Rebels.