Four films won VPRO Tiger Awards at this year's International Film Festival Rotterdam, including for the first time a tie.

The clear winners were Love Conquers All, by Malaysian director Tan Chui Mui and The Unpolished (Die Unerzogenen) by Germany's Pia Marais.

The jury, under chairman Piers Handling, Director of the Toronto International Film Festival, praised Love Conquers All as 'very subtle and highly sophisticated portrait of a young woman living a normal life until her relationship with a young man moves her in a direction that seems to be beyond her control.'

The Unpolished (Die Unerzogenen) was commended as having 'emotive power' and as 'a nuanced portrayal of a young girl trying to find meaning in a society that has lost all sense of direction.'

The tied third Tiger was awarded by the jury to Brazilian Claudio Assis' Bog Of Beasts (Baixio Das Bestas) ('For its crudeness, energy, visual strength and for reminding us of the lack of options one has when born in a small isolated and desolated habitat'); and to Danish director Morten Hartz Kaplers' AFR ('well crafted polemical film, which utilizes a conceptual approach which comments on the blurring of reality and fiction.')

Each Tiger carries a $13,000 (Euros 10,000) prize.

Other Rotterdam awards

Network for the Promotion of Asian film Award:
Fourteen (Ju-yon-sai) (Hirosue Hiromasa, Japan)

Me (Yo) (Rafa Corte)

KNF Dutch Critics Award:
Operation Filmmaker (Nina Davinport, USA)

Tiger Awards Competition for short film:
Video Game (Vipin Vijay, India)
Hinterland (Geoffrey Boulange, France)
Bayrak (The Flag) (Koken Ergun, Turkey)

Prix UIP Rotterdam:
Amin (David Dusa, France/Germany/The Netherlands)

MovieSquad Award:
Reprise (Joachim Trier, Norway)

Arte France Cinema Awards:
A Rational Solution (Jorgen Bergmark, Sweden)
Les Pieds Nus Sur Les Limaces (Fabienne Berthaud, France).

Prince Claus Fund Film Grant:
Independencia (Raya Martin, Philippines)

Movies That Matter Award
The Mark of Cain (Marc Munden, UK)