The long-running stand-off between Hollywood’s actors and producers took a step closer to resolution last night [April 19] when the Screen Actors Guild’s board of directors approved a tentative deal struck wih producers late last week.

Board members voted 53.38% to 46.2% in favour of approving the successor agreements structured with the The Alliance Of Motion Picture And Television Producers to the 2005 Producer-Screen Actors Guild Codified Basic Agreement and 2005 Screen Actors Guild Television Agreement.

Recommending a “Yes” vote, board members will post ratification ballots to eligible membership in early May with an expected return date at the end of the month. Members will receive statements listing the pros and cons of ratifying the deal.

The proposed agreement covering film and television delivers 3.5% effective annual increases comprised of a 3% wage increase and a 0.5% pension and health contribution increase upon ratification, and a 3.5% wage increase in year two.

“I urge members to carefully review both the pros and cons in the referendum materials, and exercise their right to vote,” Screen Actors Guild national president Alan Rosenberg said.

Interim national executive director David White said: “We are pleased that Screen Actors Guild members will soon be voting on a deal for television and motion pictures. We’re eager to get our members back to work and to focus now on the challenges ahead, particularly on initiating a comprehensive effort to thoughtfully plan for the future.”