UniJapan has announced that Junichi Sakomoto will take over as the new president of the promotional organization after Hideyuki Takai leaves on March 31.

Sakamoto is also president of Shochiku Co., Ltd.

In other executive movements, Yoshishige Shimatani, president of Toho Co., Ltd., has replaced Yusuke Okada as chairman of the 26th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) Executive Committee.

As previously announced, Yasushi Shiina, director-executive advisor at Kadokawa Pictures, Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd., will take over as director general of TIFF and the TIFFCOM market as of April 1, succeeding Tom Yoda who served as chairman of TIFF for five years.

UniJapan has opened an umbrella stand at Hong Kong Filmart with companies such Happinet, Free Stone Productions and Gold View Co. The organisation is also planning Japan Night for Tuesday in Hong Kong.