The nominationsfor this year's Guldbagge awards, the annual SwedishFilm Awards were announced Monday. Björn Runge, whose previous film Daybreak won four Guldbagge awards and a Silver Bear in Berlin 2004,dominated the list with seven nominations for his new film Mouth to Mouth.It has been nominated for "Best Film", "Best Director" and"Best Screenplay", among other awards, the winners will be announcedat the Guldbagge award gala in Gothenburg on January30th.

Director/screenwriterBjörn Runge commented:"If the keyword in Daybreak was deceit, the word for Mouth toMouth is reconciliation". Members of the Daybreak cast,including Marie Richardsson and Peter Andersson, also appear in Mouth to Mouth, whichtells the story of a young girl who has run away from home and her father whodesperately tries to get her back.

Mouth toMouth was released by Sonet Film, who also produced the runner-up in the Guldbagge nomination race: Josef Fares' Zozo which received four nominations competing withMouth to Mouth in all the important categories.

In the"Best Foreign Film" category, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne'sThe Child, Hirokazu Kore-eda'sNobody Knows and Michael Haneke's Hiddenwere nominated.

Complete list of nominations:

Best Film:
* Mouth to Mouth (Björn Runge)
* Nina's Journey (Lena Einhorn)
* Zozo (Josef Fares)

* Josef Fares for Zozo
* Ulf Malmros for God Save the King
* Björn Runge for Mouthto Mouth
Best Actress in a Leading Role:
* Maria Lundqvist for Mother of Mine
* Tuva Novotny for Four Weeks in June
* Amanda Ooms for Harry's Daughters
Best Actor in a Leading Role:
* Peter Andersson for Mouth to Mouth
* Krister Henrikssonfor Sex, Hope & Love
* Mikael Persbrandt forBang Bang Orangutang
Best Actress in a Supporting Role:
* Tuva Novotny for Bang BangOrangutang
* Ghita Nørby for FourWeeks in June
* Sofia Westberg for Mouth to Mouth
Best Actor in a Supporting Role:
* Börje Ahlstedt forPercy, Buffalo Bill & I
* Magnus Krepper for Mouth to Mouth
* Michael Nyqvist for Mother of Mine
Best Screenplay:
* Lena Einhorn for Nina's Journey
* Josef Fares for Zozo
* Björn Runge for Mouthto Mouth
Best Cinematography:
* Anders Bohman for Mouth to Mouth
* Aril Wretblad for Zozo
* Philip Øgaard for Kim Novak Never Swam in theLake of Genesaret
Best Foreign Language Film:
* The Child (Jean-Pierre Dardenne/Luc Dardenne)
* Nobody Knows (Hirokazu Kore-eda)
* Hidden (Michael Haneke)
Best Short Film:
* A Night Story (Maja Lindström)
* Autobiographical Scene Number 6882 (Ruben Östlund)
* The Lodge (Gunilla Heilborn/MårtenNilsson)
Best Documentary Film:
* The Well (Kristian Petri)
* The Kinch (Måns Månsson)
* Prostitution Behind the Veil (Nahid Persson)