Will Smith was the number one Hollywood attraction overseas at the weekend as Seven Pounds grossed an estimated $19.8m from 3,502 screens in 25 markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International and has now reached $40.8m.

Warner Bros Pictures International had not reported estimates on its wide launch of Bollywood title Chandni Chowk To China. Results are expected this week.

The key driver for Seven Pounds this weekend was a number one $4.2m launch in Spain on 308 screens, while the drama opened at number two in France on $3m from 343 and number two in the UK on $2.4m form 405. It also debuted in Russia on $620,000 from 135. All launches were bigger than The Pursuit of Happyness except in the UK.

Elsewhere Seven Pounds opened in Holland in fourth place on $300,000 from 41 and scored two number one launches in Belgium and New Zealand on $275,000 from 28 and $180,000 from 48, respectively. All opened lower than The Pursuit Of Happyness.

Italy led the second weekend holdovers on $3.4m from 586 after a 42% drop for $10.8m, while Germany generated $2.3m from 472 after falling 33% for $6.5m and Australia produced $775,000 from 260 after a 46% fall for $2.9m.

Mexico has grossed $2.3m, Switzerland $938,000, Austria $563,000 and Portugal $451,000 all after two weekends, while Brazil has amassed $4.1m after four.

Summit International's Twilight grossed $13.1m from 3,456 sites in 46 markets and now stands at $135m. The driving force was a number one launch in Germany and a number one hold in the second weekend in France. Results were unavailable.

Warner Bros Pictures International's Jim Carrey comedy Yes Man added $12m from more than 3,200 screens in 48 markets for $67m. It opened at number one in the only major new market of Russia on $2.7m from 471 screens

Italy generated $2m from 363 in the second weekend; the cumulative total was unavailable. The film stayed top in the second weekend in Holland on $677,000 from 88 for $1.8m.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button grossed $4.4m from more than 1,100 screens in eight markets for an early $14m tally, buoyed by a number one Mexican launch on $1.4m from 437 and a second place debut in Brazil that delivered $919,000 from 200.

The drama opened top in Sweden on $472,000 from 70 and top in Portugal on $332,000 from 64. Meanwhile a $242,000 from 30 launch in Israel was expected to rank number one as well.

Australia stands at $9.1m after four and the film launches next in Germany on January 29 and France on February 4.

Fox International's Australia raised its tally by $10.3m from roughly 4,750 screens in 56 markets to $118.5m. The epic adventure launched in Italy on $2.8m from 535 and held well in Spain and Germany, adding $1.2m from 414 for $13.2m and $1.1m from 654 for $13.3m, respectively.

Australia is now the third biggest Australian film of all time behind Crocodile Dundee and Babe after overtaking Happy Feet. It has been confirmed as the second biggest 2008 release in Australia behind The Dark Knight. It opens in Brazil next weekend.

The comedy Bride Wars rustled up $6.2m from roughly 1,110 screens in 16 markets for an early $10.2m running total and launched at number one in Australia on $2.2m from 288 and opened at number three in Spain on $1.3m from 285. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway added $2m in the UK from 414 after a 23% slide to rank number four on $5.8m.

Marley & Me added $2.8m from approximately 1,130 screens in 13 markets for $12.9m and opened in second place in Mexico on $1.1m. The comedy added $400,000 from 177 in Brazil following a 23% slip for $4.6m.

The Day The Earth Stood Still added $2.6m from approximately 2,500 screens in 36 markets to stand at $146.1m. The sci-fi was locked in a battle for second place with The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and grossed $877,000 from 349. It crossed $25m in its fifth week in Japan and stands at $25.2m.

Se Eu Fosse Voce 2 (If I Were You 2) stayed top in Brazil and raised the tally by $1.8m from 304 and has overtaken its predecessor to rank as the third biggest local production released in Brazil.

DreamWorks Animation's Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa grossed $8.3m through PPI from 6,054 sites in 61 territories for $380m. The largest contribution came from South Korea, where in its second weekend of release it grossed $1.1m from 372, down 37% for $3.5m.

The drama Revolutionary Road opened in five territories, grossing $2.4m from 513 venues. The highlight was Germany, which delivered $1.4m including previews from 349

DreamWorks-Paramount's family title Hotel For Dogs opened in Australia and New Zealand for a combined weekend tally of $790,000 from 231 sites. Australia generated $700,000 from 176 and New Zealand accounted for $90,000 from 55.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's family release Bedtime Stories grossed $4.5m from 3,525 screens in 25 territories to raise the tally to $68m. The film stands at $6.6m after three weekends in Mexico, $9.3m in Australia and $11.6m after four in the UK and is the biggest Adam Sandler release in all three.

Bolt added $3.7m from 3,612 in 28 for $82.6m and stands at $6m in Australia and opened in Argentina in first place on $496,000.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua returned to play and took $3m from 300 in 11 for $28.2m. It opened in the UK on $1.4m from 350 and debuted in Italy on $1.3m from 25. Doubt took $675,000 from 130 screens in five and opened in Australia on $410,000 and in Argentina on $120,000.

Universal's comedy Role Models took $3.4m through UPI from 566 sites in nine territories, opening in second place in Australia on $1.2m from 174 and adding 2.1m from 351 in the second weekend in the UK after a 23% slip for third place and a $6.9m tally.

The Unborn had an excellent opening in Spain this weekend as the horror release launched in second place on $1.7m from 209 venues and recorded the biggest debut for a Rogue title in the territory. The early running total from Spain and Turkey is $2.1m.

Changeling added $2.2m from 1,077 in 32 for $42.7m. Results from ten new territories were unavailable. The drama has grossed $10.4m in Spain after five weekends and there are 29 territories to go including Germany and South Korea this week.

The Tale Of Despereaux grossed $1.6m from 1,460 sites in 22 for $20m. Cha cha cha title Rudo Y Cursi, which received its North American premiere at Sundance, added $525,000 from 420 in Mexico and Argentina for $8.8m. It ranks as the fourth biggest Mexican film on $8.6m or 116.4m pesos and will cross the 120m mark next weekend to become the third biggest of all time and is already the highest grossing Mexican film for producers Alfonso Cuaron, Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. In Argentina the tally has reached $240,000 after two weekends.

Milk grossed $280,000 from 118 venues in its second weekend Spain for $850,000 and opens in Australia on January 29. Frost/Nixon grossed $210,000 from 117 from limited launches in Belgium and Netherlands and holdovers in Australia and New Zealand for a $1.3m international running total.

Mandate International's Saw V stands at $49.8m.