Latvia’s Oscar submission Gulf Stream Under The Iceberg will receive its North American premiere in January at the Scandinavian Film Festival Of Los Angeles (SFFLA).

This is the first time the SFFLA has extended its programme to include the Baltic states of Latvia and Lithuania. 

“Northern European countries have often taken to the seas with a cargo of culture, commerce and collaboration,” said festival founder and director James Koenig. 

“We have an exciting programme that follows old routes to new worlds and now we are journeying around to our Baltic neighbourhood where cultural cross-currents have been a reality since even before Hanseatic ‘happenings.’”

Yevgeny Pashkevich’s mythical fairy tale Gulf Stream Under The Iceberg is inspired by the works of Anatole France and influenced by the Talmud and the medieval books of Cabala. It tells the story of Adam´s first wife, Lilith.

SFFLA is scheduled to run from Jan 12-13 in Beverly Hills.