Top brass at the San Francisco Film Society are seeking to get an early jump on awards season by staging the inaugural Fall Celebration, an annual event to honour “creativity, innovation, collaboration and inspiration in cinema.”

This year’s recipients include Fruitvale Station, Her, Nebraska and The Square on November 14.

Ryan Coogler, Spike Jonze, Michael B Jordan (pictured, from Fruitvale Station), Jehane Noujaim, Alexander Payne and June Squibb will be in attendance.

“The San Francisco Bay Area has a unique perspective on film, with different values than any other city,” said outgoing San Francisco Film Society executive director Ted Hope.

“The world knows our directors but we have more industry leaders than any other city outside of New York or Los Angeles. This is such a vibrant and diverse community, where creativity and innovation are valued more than any other place in the world. What we chose to celebrate with this new event will soon be recognised as setting the standard worldwide.”