The organisers of the inaugural China Film Pitch & Catch (CFPC) have unveiled the 30 projects that will be seeking finance during the two-day event, which is being held as part of this year's Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF).

Jointly hosted by the SIFF organising committee and China Film Co-production Corp (CFCC), the event is designed to match Chinese filmmakers with international film producers, financiers and distributors.

Eight 'recommended projects' from Chinese filmmakers have been selected for special attention and will be presented to potential investors on June 21. On June 22, a further 22 projects, including a handful from other Asian and European territories, will be pitched at one-to-one individual meetings.

The eight recommended projects include Goth's Breath from Electric Shadows director Xiao Jiang, which is set to star Jaycee Chan and Chen Bolin, and new projects from Wanma Caidan (The Silent Holy Stones) and Liu Jie who worked as DoP on Wang Xiaoshuai's The Days and Beijing Bicycle.

Around 30 investors have signed up for the event including Arte France Cinema and Paris-based Rezo Films, the UK 's Phantom Pictures and Korea 's CJ Entertainment.

The two-day programme also features a seminar on 'How to convince your investors' to be presented by execs from the American Film Institute and the University of Southern California. Awards for the most creative project and the project with most potential will be handed out at a ceremony on the closing night.

China Film Pitch & Catch 'Recommended Projects'

A DECADE (China)

Director: Liu Jie / Scriptwriter: Liu Jie, Gao Shan

Tentative cast: Liu Peiqi, Ni Dahong, Mei Ting, Li Yixiang

Total Budget: RMB4m

Total Budget confirmed: RMB2 millio

Key Partners: 3C Films Co.Ltd


Director: Cai Shangjun / Scriptwriter: Cai Shangjun

Tentative Cast: Zhang Zhen, Liao Fan, Zhang Jingchu, Hao Lei

Total Budget: RMB6m

Total Budget confirmed: RMB3m

Key Partners: Wan Ji Communications, Xiu Dong Hao Ye


Director: Gu Xiaobai / Scriptwriter: Gu Xiaobai

Tentative Cast: Li Xuejian

Total Budget: RMB5m


Director: Xiao Jiang / Scriptwriter: Xiao Jiang

Cast: Jaycee Fang, Chen Bolin

Total Budget: RMB5m


Director: Wanma-caidan / Scriptwriter: Wanma-caidan

Cast: Luosang-danple

Produced by: Sangjie-jiancuo


Director: Yang Heng / Scriptwriter: Yang Heng

Produced by: Fantasy Pictures Entertainment


Director: Pang Ming / Scriptwriter: Pang Ming

Produced by: Hu Hu

Total Budget: RMB5m

Total Budget confirmed: RMB1.5m


Director: Yang Shupeng / Scriptwriter: Yang Shupeng

Tentative Cast: Song Kanghao(Korea), Hu Jun (China)

Total Budget: RMB12m

Total Budget confirmed: RMB2m