Shrek the Third won the four-way battle for overseas supremacy at the weekend as Paramount/PPI's animated feature grossed an estimated $46m from 3,693 screens in 36 territories.

The film crossed $100m and currently stands at $107m thanks to 13 launches led by a series of record-breaking results.

Shrek The Third registered a mighty $12m number one launch on 724 screens in France that was 21% bigger than that of Shrek 2.

Mexico produced the second biggest opening of all time, the biggest animated gross of all time, and the biggest Paramount/Dreamworks opening of all time with $9.7m from 426 sites, some 117% ahead of the Shrek 2 launch.

In Brazil, the film recorded the biggest opening for an animated film, the third biggest opening of all time, and the biggest Paramount/Dreamworks opening of all time with $5.9m from 280 screens, which was 191% ahead of Shrek 2.

Argentina delivered a $1.6m number one debut from 93 sites, which was the biggest animated launch and finished some 79% ahead of Shrek 2.

There were record animated launches in Turkey and Hungary that produced $1m from 165 screens and $936,000 from 30 respectively. Chile and Taiwan also opened at number one on $785,000 from 43 and $781,000 from 65.

The film held on to top spot in New Zealand as $800,000 raised the tally to $2.5m. Australia added $4.3m for $16.7m and school holidays are either in progress or about to begin in both territories.

'We are delighted with these record setting openings and with school holidays yet to come in most international markets, Shrek The Third looks set for a fantastic international run this summer,' Paramount/PPI president Andrew Cripps said.

Shrek The Third opens next week in Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Venezuela.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End added an estimated $32.6m at the weekend to raise the overseas tally to $547m.

Including the $273.8m domestic haul the third episode in Disney's adventure has taken $821m worldwide.

Ocean's Thirteen grossed $26.3m for Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) from approximately 5,000 prints in 38 markets for $67m after two weekends.

The crime caper opened in second place in Australia on $3.4m from 356 prints, and opened at number one in South Korea on $3.3m from 190.

Ocean's Thirteen opened top in Belgium on $782,000 from 67 screens including previews, top in Holland on $1m from 95 prints, top in South Africa on $340,000 from 76, and launched in New Zealand on $395,000 from 76.

In second weekend results, the UK dropped a mere 24% to $4.5m from 699 prints for a $14.2m running total. Germany added $2.7m from 773 for $7.8m and ranked second, Spain grossed $2.2m from 493 for $6.2m and ranked number one, and Italy was expected to rank second as $1.3m from 526 raised the tally there to $4.7m.

Zodiac added $2.9m from more than 1,800 prints in 45 markets for $37m. The thriller opened in Japan on $662,000 from 235 prints.

Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer launched through Fox International in 32 markets day-and-date with North America, opening number one in nearly every one for a $25.5m weekend gross.

Highlights included $8.1m in the UK from 474 screens, $3.5m in Italy from 646, and $2.3m in Russia from 480.

Results in Asia were impressive, as the superhero sequel took $1.7m from 240 in Thailand, $2.2m from 232 in the Philippines for Fox's biggest opening weekend, $1.1m from 123 in Malaysia for Fox's biggest opening weekend, and $1.2m from 63 in Hong Kong.

Elsewhere, the film, grossed $419,854 from 143 in India for the distributor's fourth biggest opening weekend, and scored Fox's biggest opening day in Indonesia and the industry's fourth biggest opening day. It took $839,744 for the weekend in Indonesia.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) Spider-Man 3 added $3.1m from 4,300 screens in 77 markets for $543.9m.

After seven weekends the Marvel Comics adaptation stands at $66.7m in the UK where it ranks ninth, $55.8m in Japan in fifth place, and $53.3m in France.

Surf's Up took $945,000 from 400 screens in two markets for $4.5m. Hostel: Part II added $2.1m from 730 screens in 10 markets for $2.7m. It opened in Spain in third place on $965,000 from 271 screens, and launched in Germany in third place on $680,000 from 214, and Austria in third on $175,000 from 48.

Vacancy launched in two markets and grossed $1.2m from 301 screens. The thriller opened in fourth place in the UK on $1.2m from 300.