Christine Iso's LA-based Pacifica International is producing an action adventure that tells the story behind the devil's fall from grace, which is being scripted by Sleepless In Seattle writer David S. Ward.

Ward is scripting from a story by first-time director Ray Griggs who has personally financed development of the project. Entitled Lucifer, the story describes how the devil was once an angel whose pride caused him to be cast out of heaven and bring sin and death to mankind.

Peter Jackson's Weta is in talks to create visual effects for the film, which may shoot in New Zealand and take advantage of the country's 12% tax credit.

Iso, who co-produced the remake of The Ring and was executive producer on Eight Below, describes the project as a 300-style epic action film with an emphasis on the fantasy rather than biblical elements. Below-the-line costs for the film, envisioned as the first in a trilogy, are expected to be around $50m.