New films by Monzón, Urbizu, Colomo and Tadeo Jones sequel on Telecinco Cinema slate

Telecinco Cinema, the Spanish production company behind Pan’s Labyrinth, has unveiled its slate of films for 2013/14.

Among the 10 new projects is a sequel to Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones, which last week became the highest grossing Spanish animation feature ever with $16.5m. It also now ranks as Spain’s most successful domestic film this year, surpassing I Want You.

The full list of upcoming projects include:

- Septimo (Seventh). A thriller directed by Patxi Amezcua with Ricardo Darín and Belén Rueda it tells the story of a divorced couple whose children are kidnapped. El Toro Producciones, Iriku Films and Cepa Audiovisual co-produce.

- El Niño (The Child). After Cell 211, Daniel Monzón is back behind the camera with this action thriller about a group of boys who begin passing hashish across the Morocco-Spain border. Jorge Guerricoechevarría (The Perfect Crime) co-writes the script with Monzón. Luis Tosar (Operation E) stars. Iriku Films and Vaca Films co-produce.

- Ni por todo el dinero del mundo (Not For All The Money in The World). Fernando Colomo (The Near East) directs this satire about a union leader who wins €12 million in the lottery and has to hide it not to lose his leftist credentials. Colomo Producciones co-produces.

- Ocho apellidos vascos (Eight Basque Surnames). Emilio Martínez Lázaro (The Other Side of The Bed) directs this comedy about an Andalusian who has to pretend he is Basque to convince his girlfriend’s father that he’s the right man for his daughter. Borja Cobeaga (Friend Zone) and Diego San José (Love Storm) wrote the script. La Zona co-produces.

- Perdona si te llamo amor (Sorry If I Call You Love). Based on a bestseller by Federico Moccia (3 Meters Above Heaven, I Want You), Joaquín Llamas is behind the camera in this story about a 37-year-old publicist who falls in love with a 17-year-old girl. Malvarrosa Media and Emon co-produce.

- Way Down. An action thriller, it tells the story of a treasure hunting company that, after finding an ancient Spanish ship in the coast, wants to steal the last jewel of the loot from the Bank of Spain. Andrés Koppel, Rafael Martínez Rodríguez and Borja González Staloalla write the script. Think Studio co-produces.

- Air Cocaine. Jorge Sánchez Cabezudo (The Night of The Sunflowers) returns to directing with this thriller about a drug dealer who loses thousands of dollars in a plane crash full of cocaine. From Colombian cartel to Al Qaeda, everybody wants to kill him.

- Capture The Flag. An animated family feature about an eccentric millionaire who wants to conquer the moon and exploit its natural resources. Only a 12-year-old, his girlfriend and a robot will try to stop him. Jordi Gasull, Patxi Amezcua and Neil Landau write the script. El Toro Producciones and Lightbox co-produce.

- Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones 2 (The Adventures of Tadeo Jones 2). Enrique Gato continues the adventures of this popular workman who dreams about being an archaeologist like Indiana Jones. Gorka Magallón, Javier Barreira, Jordi Gasull, Ignacio del Moral and Neil Landau co-write the script. El Toro Producciones, Ikiru films and Telefónica co-produce.