The Spanish city of Benidorm is setting up a Film Office after signing an agreement with Ciudad De La Luz studios.

The agreement, which will see it work in collaboration with the studio, was signed today (May 13) by the city’s mayor, Manuel Perez Fenoll, as part of a move to promote Benidorm as a shooting location.

Jose Maria Rodriguez Galant, the director general of Ciudad De La Luz, praised the city;s great locations for and good production services.

In the last 50 years, at least 40 productions have shot in Benidorm, including most recently Mr Nice, directed by Bernard Rose and starring Rhys Ifans.

“The city is great for location work and the US companies love it because it doubles for Miami with its skyscrapers,” Colette Maynard, marketing manager at the Studios told ScreenDaily.

Meanwhile, the Marbella Film Office in Malafa has announced that 22 international films and TV productions will be working in the region in the coming months, the film Desatate, directed by Jesus Font.