Morgan Spurlock, Steve James and Eugene Jarecki are among a group of film-makers that have leant their support to the new New York-based short film publisher Cinelan.

They have joined the advisory board and will make films for the venture, which aims to build a library of three-minute documentaries and arrange online and alternative distribution for film-makers.

Films will be syndicated through internet media partners, digital cinemas, TV and mobile devices and syndication partners include Guardian News & Media, Picturehouse Cinemas and the Vizumi Network.

'We've seen a tremendous growth in demand for high-quality, irresistible short films as online video moves beyond YouTube, and audiences crave more crafted and thoughtful companion video,' CEO David Schrieberg said.

'Through our unique delivery process and the power of our content, we can leverage our library to help partners and film-makers reach audiences everywhere.'

Cinelan stemmed from a conversation between Spurlock, branding expert David Wales and Arts Alliance managing partner Thomas Hoegh. 'It excites me as a film-maker to know that avenues like this are expanding to reach global audiences with movies reflecting real information and original viewpoints outside traditional media,' Spurlock said.

Aside from Schrieberg, key executives include COO David Laks, head of film Karol Martesko-Fenster and digital strategist Wai Mun Yoon. Cinelan's film-maker relations team includes Kiki Allgeier, Jeremy Boxer and Mark Rabinowitz.