The director of Dangerous Liaisons, The Queen and Tamara Drewe will receive his award in Berlin on Dec 3.

British director Stephen Frears is to be honoured with this year’s European Film Academy Lifetime Achievement Award.

The director of Oscar winning films Dangerous Liaisons and The Queen said it was “very nice to be complimented by Europe.”

“I’m never quite sure whether England is part of Europe. We’re divided about this and have complicated feelings. But what matters is to keep European film going! And I’m totally committed to that. Nothing else matters,” added Frears.

Frears started out in television before making his breakthrough into features in 1985 with My Beautiful Launderette, which earned him Oscar and BAFTA nominations. His other credits include High Fidelity, Dirty Pretty Things and most recently Tamara Drewe.

He will collect his award at the 24th European Film Awards Ceremony on Dec 3 in Berlin.