MouseTrap Films CEO Benjamin Oberman has unveiled plans to launch a monthly film series in September through his distribution platform Film Festival Flix (FFF).

FFF will allow audiences to interact with filmmakers and actors via simulcasts of live events in hometown theatres.

Oberman staged a beta launch in June in eight cities including Los Angeles, Miami, Salt Lake City and Montgomery, Alabama. September’s programme will launch in 10 to 15 theatres with the goal of expanding to more than 25 cities as FFF grows.

The recent collaboration with the digital theatre company SpectiCast is designed to expand FFF’s network of venues.

Filmmakers and actors will get the opportunity to screen their five-minute short films in FFF theatres and online.

Alastair Orr’s sci-fi horror Expiration and Michael Rymer’s Face To Face are among the titles lined up for September.

“We are using a model of a miniature film festival that we open up in communities across the country to get people to come out and discover new films,” Oberman said.

“The goal is to find a solution to the challenge of marketing and branding of a great film that lacks the star power or other elements needed for a traditional promotional campaign.”

Oberman continued: “We are going to bring a global selection of films with a community emphasis so that you get off of work and come out and see a couple films and interact with the filmmakers.”

MouseTrap will aim to release three films a month in theatres across the US with day-and-date VoD and DVD releases. The films will be available for DVD purchase, download, and streaming on the FFF website.