Screen brings you the 2009 Sundance documentary line-up.


Art & Copy (US)

Dir: Doug Pray Scr: Timothy J Sexton Prods: Jimmy Greenway, Michael Nadeau

Advertising gurus discuss the wide-reaching effect of advertising and creativity on modern culture.

Sales contact: Cinetic, (1) 212 204 7979

Boy Interrupted (US)

Dir/prod: Dana Perry

A mother’s look at the psychiatric illness and death of her son.

Sales contact: Dana Perry, (1) 212 989 2880

The Cove (US)

Dir: Louie Psihoyos Scr: Mark Monroe Prods: Fisher Stevens, Paula DuPre Pesmen

Activists confront the horrors of dolphin hunting in Japan in a film that also takes a wider look at sea-life environmental issues.

Sales contact, US: William Morris Independent, (1) 310 859 4310, Submarine Entertainment, (1) 917 957 1400; int’l: WMI, (1) 310 859 4310

Crude (US)

Dir: Joe Berlinger Prods: Joe Berlinger, Michael Bonfiglio, JR DeLeon, Richard Stratton

Ecuadoran tribes take on Chevron over the dumping of toxic oil waste in the Amazon.

Sales contact: Joe Berlinger, (1) 914 420 2830

Dirt! The Movie (US)

Dirs: Bill Benenson, Gene Rosow Prods: Bill Benenson, Gene Rosow, Eleonore Dailly

A humorous look at man’s relationship with soil and how humans are taking for granted the earth’s last natural resource.

Sales contact: Gene Rosow, (1) 310 487 6371

El General (Mex-US)

Dir: Natalia Almada Prods: Daniela Alatorre, Natalia Almada

An intimate portrait of the Mexican people.

Sales contact: Louise Rosen Ltd,

Good Hair (US)

Dir: Jeff Stilson Scrs: Chris Rock, Jeff Stilson, Lance Crouther, Chuck Sklar Prods: Chris Rock, Kevin O’Donnell, Jenny Hunter

Chris Rock examines the culture of African-American hair and hairstyles.

Sales contact: ICM, (1) 310 550 4440

The Reckoning (US)

Dir: Pamela Yates Prod: Paco de Onis

International criminal court prosecutor Luis Moreno- Ocampo tries to bring justice to perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

Sales contact, worldwide broadcast rights: Films Transit, (1) 514 844 3358; all other rights: Paco de Onis, (1) 212 947 5333

Reporter (US)

Dir: Eric Daniel Metzgar Prods: Mikaela Beardsley, Steven Cantor

Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Nicholas D Kristof journeys through the Congo in the summer of 2007 to report on the conflict.

Sales contact, worldwide except US broadcast first window: Films Transit, (1) 514 844 3358

The September Issue (US)

Dir: RJ Cutler Prods: RJ Cutler, Eliza Hindmarch, Sadia Shepard

A look at US Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and her team preparing the September 2007 issue of the fashion magazine.

Sales contact: CAA, (1) 424 288 2000

Sergio (US)

Dir: Greg Barker Prods: John Battsek, Julie Goldman

The role of the United Nations is explored through the extraordinary life and career of Sergio Vieira de Mello, killed by a bomb in Baghdad in 2003.

Sales contact: John Battsek, (1) 646 248 2605; Julie Goldman, (1) 917 744 1355

Shouting Fire: Stories From The Edge Of Free Speech (US)

Dir: Liz Garbus Prods: Liz Garbus, Rory Kennedy, Jed Rothstein

An exploration of free speech in the US.

Sales contact: HBO, (1) 212 512 1000

We Live In Public (US)

Dir: Ondi Timoner Prods: Ondi Timoner, Keirda Bahruth

Web pioneer Josh Harris pushes the envelope with a Big Brother-style art project to broadcast life’s every moment on the internet.

Sales contact: Interloper Films, (1) 626 296 0068

When You’re Strange (US)

Dir/scr: Tom DiCillo Prods: Dick Wolf, Peter Jankowski, John Beug, Jeff Jampol

Documentary about influential band The Doors, using original footage shot between 1966 and 1971.

Sales contact: Submarine, (1) 917 957 1400

William Kunstler: Disturbing The Universe (US)

Dirs: Sarah Kunstler and Emily Kunstler Prods: Jesse Moss, Susan Korda

The daughters of famed civil rights attorney William Kunstler look at his career, representing clients including Martin Luther King Jr and the Chicago Eight.

Sales contact: Submarine, (1) 917 957 1400