Leila Kilani’s Sur La Planche and Mohamed and Atia Al-Daradji’s House For Sale were announced as the winners of the Cinema In Motion awards at San Sebastian for incomplete films from the Maghreb region of Africa and Portuguese speaking countries.

Sur La Planche tells the story of two Moroccan girls who try to free themselves from their restrictive lifestyles working at a shrimp packaging factory in Tangier. Aurora Films and Socco-Chicco Films are co-producers.

The film will be provided with $36,000 (€27,500) in prize money, which goes towards the post production, sound mixing and subtitling work on the film, supplied by France’s CNC, Mac’Tari in Paris and Titra Film. The film will also be supplied with two 35mm prints without subtitiles.

House For Sale is about 32 orphaned kids in Iraq sharing one small room and is produced by UK outfit Human Film. It will receive $23,000 (€17,500) towards sound mixing and subtitling, and one 35mm print without subtitles.

The festival also suspended the award for last year’s winner Sands Of Babylon, directed by Mohamed Al-Daradji, because the project was cancelled.