Swedish giant SvenskFilmindustri (SF) is to power up its production ambitions in neighbouringDenmark by backing "a Danish version of United Artists".

The new company, Tju-BangFilm, is a collective of directors and creatives which includes Jacob Thuesen,director of Berlin competition film TheAccused (Angeklaget). SF will own80 percent of the company, with the remaining shares held by the foundermembers.

"We looked at the box officesuccess of The Accused and realisedthat we could do this for ourselves," said Sigrid Dyekjaer, Tju-Bang co-founderand Thuesen's regular producer. "Compared with Zentropa or Nimbus [the bestknown film companies in Denmark] which have only one director among theirowners, we have five and expect to have a major impact over the coming years."

The other Tju-Bang (whichtranslates loosely as "happy collision") founders include The Accused's editor Per K Kierkgaard, director Soren Fauli,director Nils Graebol, documentary director Mikala Krogh and editor TheisSchmidt.

In its early years, the newcompany expects to produce one or two features and up to three documentariesper year. It will also get involved in co-productions.

"We will do a range ofcommercial pictures and art-house films and our financing mix will reflectthis. On those with the most potential we would expect SF to invest heavily,while the more artistic one we will seek support from the Danish Film Instituteand local broadcasters," said Dyekjaer.

Denmark, arguably the mostcinematically creative spot in Europe, has long been a target for expansion bySF. "We are very proud that Tju-Bang has chosen SF as its partner," saidMichael Fleischer, president of SF Film.