Two new comedies have been greenlighted by the Swedish Film Institute, one by newcomer Ragnar Di Marzo (pictured) and one by established comedian/director Peter Dalle.

Ragnar Di Marzo's family comedy Karringen Dar Nere tells the story of 74-year-old Magda, whose life changes when she is persuaded to help a 23-year-old female refugee to hide from the authorities. The film, which will be produced by Lukas Wojarski of Projektbyran Orkano, is currently being shot outside Stockholm, with a release set for January 2004. The project received $213,000 (SEK 1.6m) from the Swedish Film Institute.

Peter Dalle's comedy thriller Skenbart is set on a train between Stockholm and Berlin in 1945. A pedantic ticket-collector is trying to keep control of a doctor who is trying to murder his wife, a homosexual man who hates women, two nuns struggling with their faith, a returning soldier who got on the wrong train, an unsuccessful author who creates a lot of trouble and many others.

Starring a number of well-known Swedish comedians, including Robert Gustafsson, Skenbart is being produced by Patrick Ryborn of S/S Fladen Film AB. The film was granted $200,000 (SEK 1.5m). Distributor Buena Vista will premiere the film on Christmas Day across Sweden.