Director Takeshi Kitano has announced plans for a sequel to crime drama Outrage, which competed for the Palme d’Or in Cannes this May. The project would mark the first sequel in Kitano’s 22-year directing career.

Cannes reviews for Outrage, Kitano’s return to the crime genre that made him famous, leaned toward negative, but the film fared better on its home turf. Distributor Warner Brothers opened Outrage, which also starred the multi-hyphenate, on June 13 on 155 screens.

While Outrage didn’t reach the 1 billion yen threshold that marks a hit, it did earn approximately $8.9m (Y750m) on 6 million admissions despite its R15 rating, making it the director’s most successful effort since 2003’s Zatoichi ($34m).

Office Kitano president and producer Masayuki Mori spoke to the press about the project. “Exhibitors were very satisfied with Outrage’s performance, so we’ve decided to do a sequel.”

Kitano himself commented in a written statement. “Outrage was an entertaining movie with a great cast, but for me it only just made the grade. I’d give it a sixty percent. I want the sequel to be even more entertaining, more accomplished.”

With much of the cast killed in the first installment, Mori promised to assemble another impressive cast for the next film. Working under the title Outrage 2, Office Kitano is aiming to have the film ready for release by fall next year with Warner expected to again be on board.

Kitano has had a long-standing relationship with the in-progress Venice Film Festival since winning the Golden Lion for 1997’s Hana-bi. The festival’s Jaeger Le’Coultre Glory To The FilmMaker Award, named after Kitano’s 2007 film of the same name, was presented to Indian director Mani Ratnam yesterday.