Taylor Hackford has been elected as president of the Directors Guild Of America (DGA), succeeding Michael Apted. He ran unopposed for the two-year term.

Hackford was confirmed unanimously at the guild’s convention in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Steven Soderbergh was re-elected as national VP and Gilbert Cates was re-elected as secretary-treasurer.

There were 135 delegates on hand, representing the DGA’s 14,000+ members.

Hackford has been a DGA member since 1974 and became a member of the board in 2002, becoming third VP in 2005. In 2007, the DGA awarded him the Robert B Aldrich Achievement Award.

His films include Ray, An Officer And A Gentleman, Dolores Claiborne, Proof of Life and The Devil’s Advocate.

“The Guild will be in extremely capable hands with Taylor, who has already served the Guild in different capacities for years,” said Apted, who held the post since 2003. “I’m thrilled to see him take his place as the next DGA president and I know he’ll do a fantastic job steering the DGA through the 
many complex issues that will come its way.”

Hackford added: “This Guild has worked for nearly three quarters of a century to advance the economic and creative rights of its members, always addressing new challenges with a firm and steady hand,” said Hackford. “I’m extraordinarily proud of what the DGA has accomplished, and I hope to continue that great legacy of leadership at the Guild.”

In a statement, he said one of his top priorities will be protecting the DGA’s members in the digital age. “We have to be aware of the challenges we’re facing in protecting our work on the Internet. What’s euphemistically called ‘Internet Piracy,’ I choose to call by its true name, ‘Internet Theft,’ he said. “It threatens the future of our economic lives: our employment, residuals and pension and health plans. Solutions won’t come easy, but they must be found, if we are going to survive as professional filmmakers.”

The election also confirmed first VP Paris Barclay, second VP William M Brady, third VP Betty Thomas, fourth VP Gary Donatelli, fifth VP Thomas Schlamme, sixth VP Vincent Misiano, and assistant secretary-treasurer Scott Berger.