Alex Massis' Florida-based sales and marketing company The Film Source has acquired international rights to Eric Stanze's horror title Deadwood Park.

William Clifton stars as a young man who returns to his home town in the hope of solving a decades-old mystery surrounding the killing of 26 children, one of whom was his twin brother. Lindsay Luscri also stars.

Stanze served as executive producer with Scott D Muck and Jason Christ for Wicked Pixel Cinema and The Film Source's vice president of acquisitions Edward Jordon negotiated the deal with the producers.

Wicked Pixel Cinema is preparing to shoot the gothic fairy tale Seizure in September, which The Film Source will also represent.

Massis' slate includes Stuart Urban's survival documentary Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead, Luigi Desole's Italian horror The Seer, Anthony J Rickert-Epstein's US sci-fi comedy Fingerman: Dr London And The Triangle Force, and Urban's S&M comedy Preaching To The Perverted.