A son goes to visit his archaeologist father in China. Together with a young local girl, they discover an ancient dragon and with it, a mystery that stems back for thousands of years, as legend and reality become intertwined.

Genre: Family/adventure

Production companies: AMPCO Films, Hengdian World Studios.

Budget: tba

Backers: AMPCO Films, Hengdian World Studios.

Principal Producers: Mario Andreacchio, Liu Zhijiang.

Producers: Mark Patterson, Shan Tam.

Intl sales: Fries Film Group.

Local distrib: AMPCO Films, Wallis Cinemas

Director: Mario Andreacchio

Screenplay: John Armstrong, Philip Dalkin

DoP: Geoffrey Simpson

Editor: Suresh Ayyar

Production design: tbc

Cast: Louise Corbett, Sam Neill.

Locations: Hengdian, China

Shooting from November 9, 2009

Contact: Mark Patterson, producer, AMPCO Films, +61 8 8331 0270

Status: Production