The Toronto International Film Festival has unveiled 13 films in the Discovery programme to accompany the previously announced Those Three.

The new titles are: David Ross' US drama The Babysitters, about a teenager that turns a babysitting service into a call girl ring; Tamar van den Dop's Netherlands/Belgium/Bulgaria romance Blind; Israel Cardenas and Laura Amelia Guzman's Mexico/UK/Canada feature Cochochi, which follows two Mexican brothers who get lost while delivering a package; and Ben Hackworth's Australia drama Corroboree, in which a young man gets sucked into a bizarre game of reenactment with a dying theatre director.

The list continues with Shivajee Chandrabhushan's Indian drama Frozen, about a Himalayan village subjected to an Army search; Teona Strugar Mitevska's study of Macedonian sisters in I Am From Titov Veles; Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego's Spanish thriller King Of The Hill; Rodrigo Pla's Spain-Mexico crime drama La Zona; and Mark Heller's The Passage, a UK-Fr-Moroccan drama about a tourist and a local girl who fall in love and escape to the inhospitable Atlas Mountains.

The new Discovery selections are rounded out by Jirir Vejdelek's Czech Republic/Romania/Slovakia road movie Roming; Peter Carstairs' Australian coming-of-age drama September; Paprika Steen's Denmark/Sweden dark comedy With Your Permission; and Shamim Sarif's UK/South Africa Apartheid era lesbian romance The World Unseen.

Discovery titles are eligible for the Diesel Discovery Award. The winning film is chosen by the Toronto International Film Festival press corps and will receive $10,000 in cash.