Erzsebet Toth is to step down from her role as general secretary of the Hungarian Public Film Foundation once her current tenture is up on Dec 31.

Toth has been in the position since Jan 1997, with her contract renewed by the agency’s founders and board every four years since then. Notably Toth worked to push through the Hungarian Film Act, the first tax incentive system presented by an East Central European country and approved by the European Parliament in 2004.

“It was my decision not to seek the renewal of my contract,” she said this week, expressing “thankfulness for having participated in the rebirth of the Hungarian film industry in the wake of the Film Act… for having had a part in bringing a number of outstanding Hungarian movies to life and seeing them through international success, and for saving and preserving the Hungarian Public Film Foundation to meet the European legal and professional standards so it could become the film entity eligible for the support system in the European Union.”

The Hungarian government is currently debating the budget allocated for film and a final decision for the new budget is expected on Dec 7.