Bernardo Arellano’s Entre La Noche Y El Dia and Iria Gomez Concheiro’s Asalto Al Cine have picked up San Sebastian’s Films In Progress awards for incomplete Latin American projects.

Entre La Noche Y El Dia walked away with the industry award which means the film’s post production work will be completed by leading outfits including Kodak, Dolby and Technicolor Entertainment Services until an English-language 35mm copy is available.

Arellano’s feature debut tells the story of a lonely autistic young man who is rejected by his family and instead seeks solace in the woods where he is looked after by an old man. The film is supported by the Centro De Capacitacion Cinematografica.

“Films In Progress is a great platform for Latin American films,” Arellano told ScreenDaily. “I was honoured to be selected and now that I’ve won I can sort out the sound and images so that the film is ready to move on to other key festivals.”

Asalto Al Cine about four youngsters in Mexico who plan a heist on a cinema won the Casa De America award, which provides $13.4m (€10,000) towards the post production work.

“It’s taken us a while to put the film together but this award will help us to finish it off quickly and get it released,” says Concheiro.

The remaining five titles that competed for the awards were Sergio Ramirez’ Distancia; Gabriel Rojas Vera’s Karen Llora En Un Bus; Kyzza Terrazas’ El Lenguaje De Los Machetes; Jose Luis Sepulveda and Carolina Adriazola’ Mitomana and Carlos Moreno’s Todos Tus Muertos. All seven films will be distributed on the Instituto Cervantes world network.