Canadian make-up and effects professionals Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie have taken to Indiegogo in a bid to begin effects work as early as possible on their upcoming horror.

The Void is scheduled for a summer shoot and centres on a small-town police officer who must resist a horde of monsters in a hospital. Casey Walker of Cave Painting Pictures produces.

Kostanski and Gillespie worked on Pacific Rim and NBC’s Hannibal and are also known through their work for Winnipeg’s Astron-6 collective.

“It’s important to start building our film’s creatures immediately to ensure we can realise them practically,” says Kostanski. “And with that we have launched an IndieGoGo campaign that will ensure we have the necessary resources to do so.”

“Through crowd-fundraising support Cave Painting Pictures intends to buck that trend by prioritising the pre-production period and permitting Steven and Jeremy to get a head start in the development of the various creatures that will terrorise the heroes of The Void,” said Walker.

A proof-of-concept teaser appears below.

The Void