Waltz with Bashir director Ari Folman (pictured) will present his latest project The Congress at the twelfth edition of Cartoon Movie, which will be held in Lyon on March 3 - 5.

The animated feature, backed by France’s Les Amateurs and Le Pact with Germany’s Pandora Films, is based on Stanislaw Lem’s science fiction novel The Futurological Congress, which tells the story of a man who is propelled into a world where hallucinogenic drugs have replaced reality.

The co-production forum also include Patrice Leconte’s debut animation, Le Magasin des Suicides, and the latest project from Niko & The Way to the Stars co-director Kari Juusonen, The Sampo.

Cartoon Movie will showcase a total of 50 films for a total budget of $423m (€300m) and 70 hours of animation to be viewed by producers, distributors and investors.

For a full line, go to the Cartoon Movie website.