I Am Legend stayed on top of the international rankings for the fourth consecutive weekend and the fifth overall in its six-week run as an estimated $28.7m from 6,200 prints in 54 territories propelled the running total to $262.4m.

The highlight of the new launches was a $4.1m (Ps 44.2m) number one launch in Mexico on 506 prints that took 70% of the top five market share and ranked as Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) sixth biggest launch.

The sci-fi horror opened top in Brazil on $3.1m (R$5.4m) from 400, a strong result that defied harsh weather conditions to rank as WBPI's third biggest launch and the 11th biggest in industry history.

In the second weekend in Germany, I Am Legend stayed top as $5.4m (Eu3.6m) from 830 raised the tally to $18.1m (Eu12.3m), and also held on to the number one spot in its second weekend in Italy where $4.5m (Eu3m) from 548 puts it on $15.8m (Eu10.7m). A $2.2m (£1.1m) haul from 465 in the fourth weekend in the UK saw the film rank third on $47.2m (£23.8m).

Sweeney Todd added $6.6m from 739 prints in four markets, fuelled by an outstanding number one Japanese launch that produced $3.7m (¥405m) from 398 nationwide screens. The blood-soaked Stephen Sondheim adaptation opened top in South Korea on a strong $2.2m (KRW 2.03bn) from 207 screens nationwide.

Fox International's Aliens Vs Predator - Requiem added $11.7m from 4,600 screens in 37 markets and stands at $69.8m. The action horror sequel opened top in the UK on $4m and launched in South Korea on $1.1m. It also generated number one launches in Holland and Bolivia.

Family film Alvin And The Chipmunks raised its tally by $9.4m from 4,400 screens in 53 markets to $95.1m and opened in Italy on $1.8m, added $1.7m to rank third in Australia and took $1.5m in the UK.

The romantic comedy 27 Dresses, which opened in second place in North America this weekend, added $2.5m from 27 screens in four markets for an early $7.8m running total, powered by a $2.2m hold in Australia that put it neck-and-neck with PPI's Cloverfield.

Hitman stands at $49.8m, The Darjeeling Limited is on $9.5m and Juno has grossed $1.6m.

Universal's American Gangster is bearing down on $100m after adding $9m through UPI from 2,120 venues in 37 territories for $92.9m. There are still 11 territories to open.

The crime drama scored an excellent $4.2m debut in Italy in 321 sites that ranked second behind I Am Legend. Latest tallies put the UK on $19.7m, France on $10.7m and Germany on $10.8m.

Charlie Wilson's War added $4.9m from 873 sites in 10 territories for $10.5m. The true-life drama launched in France where it was the number one film in Paris on $2.1m from 299 sites and held well in the UK as $1.9m from 405 in the second weekend raised the tally to $5.8m.

There are 44 territories to open over the next four months including Australia, New Zealand, the Ukraine and Argentina on Jan 24.

Atonement opened in four and took $4m from 1,000 locations in 27 for $50m. The drama ranked fifth in Russia on $300,000 from 50 and was expected to rank number one in Israel and Portugal. Elizabeth: The Golden Age stands at $47.5m and Lust, Caution has amassed $3.6m in UPI territories.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI) National Treasure: Book Of Secrets added $8.1m from 4,612 theatres in 39 territories for a $142.3m cumulative gross.

With German-speaking Europe set to open next weekend and the UK and France still to come, the sequel is well on course to overtake the 2004 original's $173m final gross and should cross $200m.

The adventure added $600,000 from 462 in the sixth weekend in Japan to rank third on $21.3m, $680,000 from 104 in the second weekend in Sweden for $2m, $600,000 from 264 in the sixth weekend in Spain for $12.6m, and $530,000 from 52 in the second in Norway for $1.6m.

An extra $525,000 from 110 in the second weekend in Holland raised the tally to $1.5m, while $500,000 from 676 in the sixth in Mexico put the film at $9.6m and a $460,000 second weekend haul in the Philippines raised the tally to $1.8m.

National Treasure: Book Of Secrets opened at number one in Argentina on $425,000 from 70 theatres.

WDSMPI's Enchanted added $5.5m from 4,788 theatres in 44 territories and stands at $160m. There are still Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan to go and the family release is expected to finish above $200m.

The UK generated $1.2m from 493 in the sixth weekend for $32m. The film opened top in Poland on $905,000 from 1000 and has reached $9.7m in Australia after four weekends.

Paramount's number one North American monster movie Cloverfield kicked off its overseas run through PPI in six territories and took $4.3m from 432 locations. It opened on $2.2m from 209 sites in Australia, where it is battling with Fox's 27 Dresses for the crown.

Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia all generated number one debuts on $582,000 from 45 screens, $513,000 from 37 screens, $402,000 from 41 sites and $347,000 from 48 screens, respectively. Cloverfield ranked second in New Zealand on $266,000 from 52 screens.

Drama The Kite Runner added $2.7m from 489 locations in nine territories for an early $8.3m and opened in Australia on $337,000 from 42 screens and in Germany on $561,000 from 75 sites.

The Coen Brothers' neo-Western No Country For Old Men opened in the UK on $2.3m and overall grossed $2.5m for the weekend from 213 locations in the UK and Australia for $5.1m so far.

The family film Bee Movie grossed $3.7m from 2,827 sites in 61 for $147.6m.

New Line International did not report weekend figures for The Golden Compass, however the film is expected to have crossed $250m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) family film The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep added $1.2m from 470 screens in three markets for $6.6m. Comedy Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story opened in its first market the UK in 14th place on $450,000 from 300.