Spanish distributor Wide Pictures had a busy AFM taking distribution rights to several major US films, including Robert Redford’s The Company You Keep and David Schwimmer’s Trust, starring Clive Owen.

Luis De Val’s new company Wide Pictures’ has established itself as a key buyer of top US indie titles. Its major acquisition at AFM was The Company You Keep from Voltage Pictures, which stars Redford asa former radical activist who goes on the run for the sake of his young daughter alter his identity is revealed.

Other pick-ups include David Schwimmer’s Trust from Nu Image, starring Clive Owen and Catherine Keener as parents whose teenage daughter becomes a victim of an online sexual predator; Malcolm Venville’s Henry’s Crime produced by and starring Keanu Reeves as a good man falsely accused of a bank robbery in Buffalo; and Gela Babluani’s 13 from Paramount Vantage, a remake of the director’s own 2005 film, which is set to star Jason Statham.

Wide Pictures has also picked up Roselyne Bosch’s $27m French drama The Round Up (La Rafle) from Gaumont, starring Jean Reno in a controversial film about France’s collaboration in the holocaust.