Mr Bean's Holiday, 300, Perfect Stranger, Wild Hogs and Shooter are all in wide release in what should be a tight weekend at the overseas box office.

Universal/UPI's reigning champion Mr Bean's Holiday has no major releases on the schedule in the immediate days ahead, but the $128.6m perch should bring it within striking range of $150m before long.

The crime caper Smokin' Aces, which has taken $18.6m, launches in Brazil on Apr 20, while CIA drama The Good Shepherd, which stands at $16.5m, opens in South Korea on Apr 19.

300 has amassed $203.5m through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) and is expected to consolidate through strong holds in all its territories. The action film opens in Japan in June.

The Reaping has gathered $12.8m so far and harvests the horror in France and Belgium on Apr 18, followed by Germany, Russia, South Korea and Australia on Apr 19, and the UK on Apr 20.

Romantic comedy Music And Lyrics stands at $81.3m including Roadshow territories and opens in Spain on Apr 20 and Japan a day later.

Meanwhile the Oscar winning animated feature Happy Feet has taken $185.2m including Roadshow territories, and adventure tale Blood Diamond stands at $108.9m.

Buena Vista International (BVI) top brass are looking to replicate the domestic success of comedy Wild Hogs overseas, where it has grossed $29.7m to date.

BVI is introducing the film in 22 territories this weekend including French-speaking Switzerland on Apr 18, Australia, Germany and Singapore on Apr 19, and Italy and Brazil on Apr 20.

Animated title Meet The Robinsons launches in Thailand on Apr 19 followed by South Korea and Taiwan a day later and stands at $37.4m.

Horror title Primeval has grossed $2.5m so far and launches in Mexico on Apr 20, while the drama Breaking And Entering steals into Japan on Apr 21 and has taken $7.6m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) thriller Perfect Stranger goes out in 14 territories this weekend including Australia and Russia on Apr 19 and Mexico on Apr 20. The thriller has grossed $10.1m and $10.5m through all distributors after its first weekend.

The comedy Click goes out in its final market of China on Apr 20 and stands at $98.7m.

Paramount/PPI's thriller Shooter stands at $9.6m and launches in 29 territories including France and French-speaking Switzerland on Apr 18, Australia, Germany and Hong Kong on Apr 19, and Italy and China on Apr 20.

The thriller Disturbia opens in three including Argentina on Apr 19 and Mexico a day later.

Fox International opens Sunshine in 14 territories including Germany and South Korea on Apr 19, and Italy and Spain a day later. The sci-fi thriller has taken $11.5m.

Rocky Balboa enters the ring in Japan on Apr 20 and has amassed $74.9m through Fox International, rising to $78.4m through all distributors.

Comedy Epic Movie goes out in four territories including Hong Kong on Apr 19 and stands at $35.9m through Fox International and $37.6m through all distributors.

Horror remake The Hills Have Eyes 2 has taken $6.2m so far and opens in four including Singapore on Apr 19 and Taiwan on Apr 21. The Viking adventure Pathfinder is in the early stages of release and arrives on UK shores on Apr 20.