The Walt Disney Company scored its biggest March opening as the ensemble comedy Wild Hogs stormed to the top on an estimated $38m.

John Travolta - enjoying a career best first weekend - stars with William H Macy, Martin Lawrence and Tim Allen as suburban bikers who go in search of adventure on the open road.

Opening second place on $13.1m was Paramount's real-life serial killer thriller Zodiac. Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr star as three obsessives who try to track down the Zodiac killer that terrorised California in the 1960s and 1970s.

Ghost Rider lost its top bunk for the first time in its three-week history, slipping to third place on $11.5m for $94.8m.

The only other new release that broke into the top 10 was Paramount Vantage's drama Black Snake Moan starring Samuel L Jackson and Christina Ricci. The film launched in eighth place on just over $4m.

Bridge To Terabithia, released in North America through Buena Vista, ranks fourth on $57.9m after three weekends, while Warner Bros' romantic comedy Music And Lyrics ranks seventh on $38.7m after the same amount of time.

Breach, released in North America through Universal, stands at $25.4m in 10th place after three weekends, while Samuel Goldwyn and Roadside Attractions' historical drama Amazing Grace slipped out of the top 10 into 11th place on $3m for $8.2m after two.

Estimated Top Ten North America Mar 2-4, 2007
Film (Distributor)/International distribution/Estimated weekend gross/Estimated total to date
1 (-) Wild Hogs (Buena Vista) BVI $38m -
2 (-) Zodiac (Paramount) WBPI $13.1m -
3 (1) Ghost Rider (Sony) SPRI $11.5m $94.8m
4 (3) Bridge To Terabithia (Buena Vista) Summit $8.6m $57.9m
5 (2) The Number 23 (New Line) NLI $7.1m $24.7m
6 (5) Norbit (Paramount) PPI $6.4m $82.9m
7 (6) Music And Lyrics (Warner) WBPI $4.9m $38.7m
8 (-) Black Snake Moan (Paramount Vantage) PPI $4m -
9 (4) Reno 911!: Miami (Fox) Fox Int'l $3.8m $16.4m
10 (7) Breach (Universal) Kimmel Intl $3.5m $25.4m