German director Wim Wenders has halted production of his planned 3D dance film with legendary choreographer Pina Bausch following her unexpected death earlier week.

Bausch, the director of Wuppertal Dance Theatre in Germany, died five days after being diagnosed with cancer.

Wenders revealed plans to work with Bausch in May and the film’s production was due to begin this September.

The director has been keen to work with Bausch for 25 years and had also been looking for a project suitable for 3D. He said, “The two-dimensional cinema screen is just not capable of capturing Pina Bausch’s work, either emotionally or aesthetically.”

Alain Derobe, the pioneer of European stereography, will lens the film, Pina’s high art aspect promising to set a benchmark for 3D, which is normally associated with animation and commercial cinema.

Producers German company Neue Road Movies says that work on the film will resume work after a period of mourning.