Turelem (With A Little Patience) has been announced as the final of 14 shorts nominated for the European Film Awards 2008. The announcement was made at the International Short Film Festival in Greece.

The Hungarian short was written and directed by Laszlo Nemes and produced by Hungarian studio Inforg. Nemes teamed up with award winning cinematographer Matyas Erdely and producer Andras Muhi.

The story follows an office clerk during her daily routine. Young theatre talent Virag Marjai was chosen for the main role.

The short was selected by the festival's international jury comprising director Bujar Alimani (Albania), Morad Kertobi of the CNC, directors Konstantin Lopushansky (Russia), Janno Põldma (Latvia), and director/ producer Maria Hatzimichali-Papaliou (Greece).

Of the 14 nominated short films, 6 are from the UK and one is from Ireland. The 1,800 members of the European Film Academy will vote for the winner. The 21st European Film Awards winner will be announced in December in Copenhagen.