A crack cabal of carnivores is chomping the pomp out of awards season as the race gallops down the final stretch towards the 86th annual Academy Awards on Sunday (March 2).

This tongue-in-cheek poke at the traditionally sober honours contest comes from none other than the zombeavers, the eponymous stars of a new movie coming up from the producers of American Pie and Cabin Fever.

Now the team behind the comedy-horror has created a series of spoof ‘For Your Consideration’ ads, providing another platform for their ravenous rodents to sink their freakishly long front teeth into.

Look closely and you will see a new slant on by-now familiar one-sheets of a stricken astronaut orbiting Earth, a lonely soul staring out from a hot bubblegum background and a 1980s conman decked out in a smoking jacket.

The spoof pull-out quotes on the posters make for fun reading, too.

“Please take this off my resumé,” cries “a gaffer” on the image inspired by Her. “No… just no,” declares “someone on YouTube” for the Gravity spoof. The tweaked American Hustle image carries five stars from “a critic at gunpoint.”

The quality of the real Oscar nominees is beyond doubt, but we reckon Zombeavers is going to cause a stir when it opens, too.

The movie is in post and has not yet screened for US buyers. However Los Angeles-based Epic Pictures launched international sales at the recent EFM in Berlin and reported sell-outs.

Epic heads Patrick Ewald and Shaked Berenson drummed up the promotion with director Jordan Rubin and producers Evan Astrowsky of Astrow Films, Tim Zajaros and Chris Lemole of The Armory Films, and JC Spinx and Chris Bender of Bender Spinx

Watch this space. Or just watch out.