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John Hazelton

  • Hollywood's foreign policy: producers looking increasingly to international locations


    On the eve of the annual Locations Trade Show in Los Angeles (April 16-18), Screen reports on why US producers are looking beyond their borders to international locationsmore than ever before.
  • Knowing


    Dir Alex Proyas. US. 2009. 121 mins
  • I Love You, Man


    Dir John Hamburg. US. 2009. 104 mins
  • Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li


    Dir Andrzej Bartkowiak. US. 2009. 96 mins
  • Christie Digital USA's Jack Kline on changing models


    Over the past three years, digital cinema has finally become a reality for a growing number of exhibitors and distributors around the world. And although the global credit crunch has slowed the industry's conversion from 35mm prints and projection, Jack Kline still has his sights set firmly on the digital future.
  • Friday The 13th


    Dir Marcus Nispel. US. 2009. 97mins.
  • NeoClassics' new wave of world cinema


    Though he did an early stint in Hollywood as a senior attorney at Warner Bros and a business affairs executive at ICM, Irwin Olian has spent most of his working life as an entrepreneur in the financial, medical and mining industries.
  • Short sighted: Screen profiles the Oscar-nominated shorts


  • US moviegoers get into New Line romcom


    Romantic comedy He's Just Not That Into You was this weekend's top earner as a quartet of new releases produced another big haul at the US box office. The Warner/New Line romcom opened significantly better than expected, grossing an estimated $27.5m from 3,175 screens, for a per-screen average of $8,649. With Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Connelly heading an ...
  • Benjamin Button big in international market with $31m weekend


    Multiple Oscar nominee The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was the big winner at the international box office this weekend, grossing an estimated $31m from 5,126 screens in 47 markets. Taking its international total so far to $72.5m, the Brad Pitt-Cate Blanchett drama opened at number one in Spain and the UK, reported distributor Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI). In Spain, it grossed $5m from 459 ...
  • Bill Mechanic returns to animation with Coraline


    Coraline may be the first animated film that Bill Mechanic has made under the banner of his Los Angeles-based production company Pandemonium, but the studio-chief-turned-producer is hardly a newcomer to the animation world.
  • United States - Content provider


    When he relocated to Los Angeles last August, ContentFilm International president Jamie Carmichael was "in search of bigger and stronger films".
  • Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans


    Dir Patrick Tatopoulos. US. 2009. 92 mins
  • Nominees react to their Oscar nods from Mumbai to Hollywood


    Nominees were celebrating from Los Angeles to Mumbai to London on Thursday as news of the Academy Awards nominations flashed around the world. Speaking from the Indian premiere of Slumdog Millionaire in Mumbai, producer Christian Colson said local celebrations over the ten nominations earned by the film - which was also shot in Mumbai - were 'intense. It was crazy enough anyway and now it's gone bonkers.''We came with five Europeans and worked with a cast and crew of 400 ...
  • New In Town


    Dir Jonas Elmer. US. 2009. 96 mins
  • Awards Countdown - Best documentary - Reality check


  • Marley & Me


    Dir David Frankel. US. 2008. 116 mins
  • Seven Pounds


    Dir Gabriele Muccino. US. 2008. 118 mins
  • Profile:The VFX genius behind The Spirit


    His title at San Francisco and Los Angeles-based visual effects and production company The Orphanage is chief technology officer. But Stu Maschwitz is no gadget-obsessed geek.
  • Golden Globe nominees respond around the globe


    Honourees greeted news of their Golden Globe nominations from locations both exotic and prosaic onThursday in the hours following the dawn nominations announcement in Los Angeles by theHollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA).
  • Profile: Magnolia Pictures' Magnet label


    Tom Quinn has always made it his business - or at least a part of his business - to bring what he describes as 'the A-team of B-films from around the world' to US audiences.
  • Profile: Sundance Institute Arthouse Project


    Everyone, of course, knows about the festival. And pretty much everyone in the independent-film world is familiar with the other long-standing programmes - from the film-makers labs to the producers conference - that Robert Redford's Sundance Institute runs alongside its annual Park City get-together.
  • Cadillac Records


    Dir Darnell Martin. US. 2008. 104 mins
  • Four Christmases


    Dir: Seth Gordon. US. 2008. 88 mins
  • Profile: Martin Gaiss


    Martin Gaiss leads a double life. By day he is Los Angeles-based vice-president of creative content at Twentieth Century Fox International. But in whatever spare time his job leaves him, the widely travelled German native is a writer-director whose first completed short, a witty tale of urban neurosis called Jarred, screened this summer at Venice and continues to play on the international festival circuit (it is competing this week at the Stockholm and Gijon festivals).
  • Summit looks for Twilight to shine


    As any teenage vampire or US distribution executive will attest, the release of Twilight should be a watershed event for Summit Entertainment.
  • United States - The matchmaker


    Script-to-screen project development organisation DreamAgo began life four years ago in Switzerland and still holds its core event, an annual screenwriting workshop, in a chateau in the quiet town of Sierre, close to the Swiss borders with France and Italy.
  • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa


    Dirs Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath. US. 2008. 98 mins
  • The Other End of The Line


    Dir James Dodson. US. 2008. 106 mins
  • Sex Drive


    Dir Sean Anders. US. 2008. 108 mins
  • Eagle and Bunny chase Mamma in international marketplace


    Expansion by studio releases including Eagle Eye and The House Bunny could finally end the reign of international box office queen Mamma Mia! this weekend. Having hunted down $17.5m to date from the first stage of its international roll-out, DreamWorks-Paramount thriller Eagle Eye swoops into its first major European ...
  • Mamma Mia! stays on top at international box office


    Universal's Mamma Mia! extended its reign as dancing queen of the international box office this weekend, opening top in Italy and grossing an estimated $14.1m from 4,406 dates in 47 territories overall.Among newer international entrants, Eagle Eye, the DreamWorks-Paramount thriller, opened in 18 markets and grossed an estimated $8.3m from 31 territories and Disney's family comedy
  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua leads domestic box office pack


    Disney's Beverly Hills Chihuahua was leader of the pack over a fiercely competitive weekend at the North American box office.Grossing an estimated $29m, the talking-dog family comedy was one of three new wide releases to make it into the top ten. Three other wide openers, meanwhile, failed to live up to expectations. Overall, the weekend's top ten films grossed just over $91m, nearly 44% up on the corresponding weekend last ...
  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua


    Dir Raja Gosnell. US. 2008. 86mins.
  • In focus: Taking stock of the Wall Street shock


    The US financial crisis may have come as a shock to much of the world, but in Hollywood it almost seemed like the inevitable culmination of a continuing trend. That is because the relationship between Wall Street and the Hollywood film-finance business - one that was hot and heavy just two years ago - has been cooling for at least the past 12 months.
  • Death Race


    Dir. Paul WS Anderson. US. 2008. 105mins.
  • Is the slate deal going up in flames'


    In a year rife with bad financial news, the film-finance world has seen its share of worrying portents. Though some financiers suggest that conditions have in fact been deteriorating for considerably longer, in the 12 months since the start of the global credit crisis the outlook has grown steadily worse for the kind of Wall Street-backed slate financing deals that have helped fund much of Hollywood's recent output. Word has been spreading of slate deals that have failed to attract ...
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars


    Dir. Dave Filoni. US. 2008. 98 mins Action-packed and visually impressive it may be, but CG-animated feature Star Wars: The Clone Wars still feels like what it essentially is - a supercharged TV pilot designed to help George Lucas' venerable Star Wars franchise make the transition from the big to the small screen.
  • Tropic Thunder


    Dir. Ben Stiller. US. 2008. 106 mins
  • US distribution - Seismic shift in specialty landscape


    Some independent players see it as a 'healthy correction', others as a 'turning point'. One company chief recently suggested, in a Los Angeles Film Festival speech whose words have ricocheted around the indie community, 'the sky really is falling'.
  • The X-Files: I Want To Believe


    Dir. Chris Carter US. 2008. 104 mins.
  • Pineapple Express


    Dir. David Gordon Green. US. 2008. 112 mins.
  • Wanted


    Dir. Timur Bekmambetov. US. 2008. 110 mins.
  • The Rocker


    Dir. Peter Cattaneo US . 2008. 102 mins.
  • Indiana Jones finds treasure with $269m worldwide opening


    Paramount and Lucasfilms' Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull unearthed plenty of box office gold at the weekend, grossing an estimated $143m in the international marketplace and another $126m in North America. Though it did not break any records, Crystal Skull will, if early estimates are confirmed, end up among the industry's all-time top ten openers domestically, internationally and globally. ...
  • Indy raids global marketplace in search of box office gold


    Promising impressive box office returns from a six-day worldwide opening run, Paramount's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull charges into the global marketplace this weekend, havingstarted its international roll-out on Wednesday (May 21) and arriving in North America early on Thursday (May 22).The much-anticipated sequel - with Harrison Ford returning after 19 years as the title character and Stephen Spielberg back in ...
  • Iron Man strong, Caspian promising internationally


    Iron Man has maintained its grip on the international marketplace for a third straight weekend, grossing an estimated $25.6m for an international total to date of $206m.The comic book-based blockbuster's nearest challenger was The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, which started its international roll-out with a promising estimated $20.7m from 2,000 screens in 12 mostly smaller territories.
  • Prince Caspian takes crown at North American box office


    Buena Vista's The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian dominated the North American box office over the weekend, though its estimated opening gross of $56.6m was short of most projections.Paramount's Iron Man and Fox's What Happens in Vegas held up well in their third and second weekends respectively, but Warner's Speed ...
  • Prince Caspian begins roll-out, Iron Man nears $200m


    Disney's The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian starts its international roll-out this weekend, opening in one major market in Asia, one in Europe and one in Latin America. But the family adventure sequel is unlikely to break Iron Man's two-week grip on the marketplace as Paramount's comic book-based blockbuster approaches the $200m mark internationally. Simultaneous with its debut ...
  • In Focus - the Cannes search for a new supply line


    No-one would argue with New Line's worldwide distribution chief Rolf Mittweg when he says the demise of New Line's international sales operation 'leaves a major void in the international marketplace'.
  • What Happens In Vegas


    Dir. Tom Vaughan. US. 2008. 98 mins.
  • The Forbidden Kingdom


    US/China. 2008. 113mins Anticipated both for its Jackie Chan-Jet Li star pairing and its East-meets-West production approach, The Forbidden Kingdom attempts to put top-flight Asian martial arts together with family friendly fantasy in an English-language action adventure package. The elements of this well crafted and good-looking US/China co-production should attract sizeable and demographically broad audiences around the world. But the formulaic story and slightly ...
  • United States - Selling Britain


    When she moved to Los Angeles two years ago to become executive director of the UK Film Council's US office, Claire Chapman quickly discovered she was in a new film-making world.
  • Horton takes over international lead


    Fox's Horton Hears A Who! edged into the lead at the international box office over the weekend, grossing an estimated $13.2m from 52 markets while Warner's 10,000 BC, leader for the last three weekends, took $12m from 62. The weekend's biggest new opening, meanwhile, came from Fox's 27 Dresses, which went straight to the top in the UK with an estimated $3.7m. ...
  • 21 wins the weekend hand at US box office


    Sony's card-counting drama 21 came up trumps at the North American box office this weekend, opening at the top of the domestic chart with an estimated three-day gross of $23.7m. Last week's leader Horton Hears A Who! held up well in its third weekend, but three other new releases had disappointing debuts, with Dimension/MGM's Superhero Movie and Picturehouse's ...
  • Horton chases down $100m at international box office


    With only scattered new openings scheduled in the wake of the Easter holiday, marketplace leaders Horton Hears A Who! and 10,000 BC are set to dominate the international box office again this weekend. Fox International's Horton opens in three smaller territories - Taiwan, South Africa and Croatia - before entering France, its seventh top-ten market, next weekend. ...
  • Horton holds on in North America


    School kids on their Easter holiday helped keep Fox's Horton Hears A Who! on top at the North American box office this weekend, with the computer animated comedy dropping 44% from its debut weekend to gross an estimated $25.1m over three days. Horton's closest competitor was Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns, from Lionsgate. Grossing an estimated $20m for the ...
  • 10,000 edges Horton at international box office


    Leading the international field for the third time in a row, Warner's holdover 10,000 BC grossed an estimated $28.2m from 7,400 prints in 62 territories over the Easter weekend, just beating the estimated $25.2m from 6,600 screens in 49 markets grossed by Fox's expanding Horton Hears A Who!With school breaks and national holidays extending the weekend in many territories,
  • Drillbit Taylor


    Dir. Steven Brill. US. 2008. 102 mins.
  • 10,000 BC rules on at international box office


    Powerful debuts in the UK, Korea and Russia kept Warner's 10,000 BC on top in the international marketplace this weekend as the prehistoric adventure grossed an estimated $38m from 6,900 prints and topped box office charts in 30 markets. Fox's computer animated Horton Hears A Who!, meanwhile, began its international rollout with an estimated $14.2m from 4,885 screens in 29 markets, reflecting ...
  • Horton Hears A Who! opens loud and clear in US


    Dr Seuss' Horton Hears A Who! made a big noise at the North American box office this weekend, opening with a chart-topping estimated three-day gross of $45.1m. The computer animated comedy from 20th Century Fox and its Blue Sky Studios almost matched the debut of the companies' first hit Ice Age, which opened on the same pre-Easter weekend in 2002.Among other new releases, Summit Entertainment's ...
  • 10,000 BC


    Directed by Roland Emmerich. US. 2007. 108 mins.
  • United states - Financial Fusion


    The name Cold Fusion Media Group suggests that in the tricky business of film finance the seemingly impossible may sometimes be possible. The company's business plan, meanwhile, focuses on the practicalities of financing and facilitating lower-budget independent production.
  • United states - Taste of Freestyle


    With deep roots in the not-so-glamorous world of independent theatrical distribution - and headquarters in laid-back Malibu rather than swanky Beverly Hills - Freestyle Releasing has always had a relatively low profile.
  • North America - VoD vision becomes real


    Telecom giants, games companies and video retailers are re-energising the North American VoD market. John Hazelton reports
  • Mercuri rising: Profile ofNu Image/Millennium's Christian Mercuri


    It took Christian Mercuri a while to find his niche when he joined Nu Image/Millennium Films six years ago.
  • Video-on-demand - Right here, right now


    In an increasingly on-demand world, video-on-demand (VoD) represents a growing opportunity for film distributors and producers. But grasping that opportunity will mean forging relationships with a new generation of rights buyers and structuring deals that produce significant new revenue without eroding income from established ancillary outlets, especially the vital DVD market.
  • Best documentary and shorts


  • Jetset Studios - Online high flyers


    Last month, Russell Scott and Patrick Young were the matchmakers who put male movie-goers together with Carmen Electra, star of 20th Century Fox's genre spoof Meet The Spartans. And last year, they took audience members out for a spin on the ice with Will Ferrell and Jon Heder, stars of the hit DreamWorks/Paramount comedy Blades Of Glory.
  • Purple heart


    Hadeel Reda got more publicity than she had bargained for during the making of The Hottie And The Nottie, the first project from her Los Angeles-based production company Purple Pictures.
  • United States - Star man


    For Rigel Entertainment, getting into the feature film business was a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" proposition, says founder, president and CEO John Laing.
  • Fool's Gold


    Director: Andy Tennant US. 2008. 113 mins.Feeling as if it was lashed together from bits of earlier, more convincing romantic comedies and adventure romps, Fool's Gold is a rickety vessel that just about reaches its destination thanks to the star power of Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson and the helmsmanship of Hitch director Andy Tennant.Winter audiences up for a good-looking piece of sunny Caribbean escapism could turn this ...
  • Reactions from 2008 Academy Award nominees


    Labour unrest may have taken some of the sparkle out of this year's awards season but it did little to dampen the spirits of Oscar nominees around the world as they reacted to the Academy Awards nominations announcement. In Los Angeles, producer JoAnne Sellar said she and her partner (and husband) Daniel Lupi were 'thrilled' at the eight nominations garnered by There Will Be Blood, which tied with No ...
  • United States - Original intent


    This week, Original Media, the New York-headquartered independent film and TV production company headed by former internet entrepreneur Charlie Corwin, is attending Sundance with what it hopes will be another buzz-generating festival film.
  • Yair Landau: Sony's digital driver


    Yair Landau could not have timed the start of his Hollywood career any better. After a brief stint in investment banking, the Stanford MBA arrived at what was then Columbia Pictures Entertainment in 1991, soon after the venerable studio had been acquired by Sony.
  • Slamdancer


    Drea Clark has a new job at the Slamdance Film Festival. But she is hardly a newcomer to the truly low-budget indie film showcase that runs each January in Park City, Utah, while the bigger and better-known Sundance festival roils all around it.
  • United States - Irishman in LA


    After a year as US vice-president of the Irish Film Commission, Jonathan Loughran knows what's on the minds of most Hollywood producers.
  • Awards Countdown - Best Documentary - Rewriting the doc rule book


    Michael Apted knew he was in for some flak when he went to meet the documentary film-making communities of Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco late last year.
  • Profile: Liz Mackiewicz of Arclight Films


    When she officially joined Arclight Films just before last November's American Film Market, Liz Mackiewicz brought a wealth of experience to the Los Angeles-based international sales and finance company.
  • United States - Water Works


    Director Jay Russell has already brought two well-loved books to the big screen, in his 2000 family film My Dog Skip and in his 2002 fantasy Tuck Everlasting. But it took a leap forward in special-effects technology for him to pull off The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep, based on the novel by Babe creator Dick King-Smith.
  • P.S. I Love You


    Dir: Richard LaGravenese. US. 2007. 126minsThe lightweight Ghost-meets-Bridget Jones dramedy of Irish novelist Cecelia Ahern's PS, I Love You turns into forced romantic comedy in this miscast and largely Americanized screen version starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. Interest in the film's theatrical release will come mostly from avid chick lit readers and fans of rising hunk Butler, though a wider audience should be accessible when the ...
  • I Am Legend


    Dir: Francis Lawrence US. 2007. 100mins.Will Smith makes up what is essentially the one-man cast of I Am Legend, a darkly intense sci-fi/horror drama based on the classic Richard Matheson novella and directed, with the same kind of flair he brought to 2005's Constantine, by Francis Lawrence. Genre afficionados should be easily won over, in spite of the liberties taken with Matheson's tale. And Smith's star power could help producer-distributors Warner Bros and Village ...
  • A closer Look: Brad Wyman and Adam Rifkin


    Look, the latest in a series of collaborations between Los Angeles-based Brad Wyman and Adam Rifkin, has opened up new creative and business vistas for the prolific indie producer and the genre-hopping writer-director.
  • Look


    Dir: Adam Rifkin. US. 2007. 102 mins.Shot to give the impression its action was entirely captured by the surveillance cameras that are becoming ever present in modern life, Look is a cleverly made curio that's as entertainingly watchable as the soaps and tabloid TV shows it often resembles. Whether its gimmicky premise and multiple storylines add up to a significant comment on the right to privacy in a post-9/11 ...
  • Halcyon days


    They may not have arrived from the future like the Terminator himself, but when they announced last May that their Halcyon Company had acquired rights to the Terminator franchise Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek were still unknown quantities in the film industry big league.
  • The Mist


    Dir: Frank Darabont. US. 2007. 127mins. Frank Darabont and Dimension Films go back to the Stephen King well for The Mist, an enjoyably old school horror outing - with sci-fi undertones ...
  • P2


  • Festival Of Discovery: AFI Fest continues to grow at 21


    When it kicks off on November 1 with the North American premiere of Robert Redford's Lions For Lambs, AFI Fest will celebrate its 21st year as an American Film Institute event. But coming of age has not meant an end to growth, suggests festival director Christian Gaines.
  • 30 Days Of Night


    Dir: David Slade US. 2007. 117 mins.Horror thriller 30 Days of Night is like a very one-sided football match: there's not much suspense involved but at least you get to watch one team - in this case a gang of athletic and bloodthirsty vampires - beat up on the other. Based on a cult graphic novel series and directed by British commercials whiz David Slade, this visually stylish yet dramatically flat offering from Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures could hit ...
  • Tony Kaye returns with Lake Of Fire and Black Water Transit


    Tony Kaye is back. Though he has stayed busy shooting the kind of innovative commercials and music videos that first made his name, the maverick conceptual artist and director has not had a feature in cinemas since his 1998 debut American History X, the edgy drama about neo-Nazi skinheads that was the focus of a very public and very bizarre final-cut tussle between Kaye, star Edward Norton and studio New Line.
  • The Seeker: The Dark is Rising


    Dir: David L Cunningham. US. 2007. 102 mins.Hollywood 's latest take on a cherished fantasy novel series has a modern American teen hero battling ancient evil forces in a Christmassy British setting. That mix of elements should lead to a respectable theatrical showing and a decent video performance for The Dark Is Rising (released as The Seeker in the US), adapted by Trainspotting screenwriter John Hodge from a book in Susan ...
  • Resident Evil 3 makes strong US debut


    Sony's Resident Evil: Extinction went straight to the top of the North American box office chart this weekend with a $24m estimated gross, the best domestic opening yet for the Resident Evil sci-fi horror franchise. Two other wide releases had more modest debuts but several awards hopefuls had promising launches or expansions.
  • Bourne stays ahead with $13m international weekend


    Universal's The Bourne Ultimatum once again set the pace at the international box office this weekend, grossing an estimated $13m from 4,269 dates in 48 territories.
  • Bourne Ultimatum set to remain international champion


    With only one new entrant into the marketplace and a smattering of openings for other frontrunners, Universal's The Bourne Ultimatum looks set for a third straight international box office win this weekend. The latest installment in the Bourne spy thriller franchise has now reached $128.8m internationally. It opens, through Universal Pictures International (UPI), in one new market this weekend, arriving on 50 screens in India on Friday ...
  • Mr Woodcock


    Dir: Craig Gillespie US . 2007. 89mins.Former pupils of sadistic PE teachers will be a key audience for Mr Woodcock, an intermittently chuckle-worthy comedy with Billy Bob Thornton as the bullying, track-suited title character. Having reportedly sat on the shelf for a year, with some scenes re-shot, it's unlikely that this feature debut by commercials director Craig Gillespie (whose Lars And The Real Girl was at this month's Toronto Festival) ...
  • Sequel opportunities - reviving franchises


    With three sequels grossing more than $300m apiece at the North American box office and another half dozen passing $100m, summer 2007 proved the point yet again: sequels can be very big and very reliable business. No wonder the sequel rights market appears to be growing.
  • Halloween


    Dir: Rob Zombie US 2007 110mins Rob Zombie's're-imagining' of the original Halloween replaces the atmospheric suspense of John Carpenter's 1978 slasher classic with plodding gonzo horror that offers plenty of blood but not much of the rocker-turned-filmmaker's usual gory flair. Still, the combination of Zombie with one of the horror genre's best-known brands drew an unexpectedly big crowd for the film's domestic opening last weekend. So even if ...
  • Death Sentence


    Death Sentence
  • In Focus - The Latest Strike News


    Contract talks between Hollywood writers and their studio employers got off to a testy start last month: Writers Guild of America (WGA) reps dismissed a proposal by the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (Amptp) for a study of the residuals paid in new media markets - perhaps the key issue to be covered in the negotiations - and the Amptp team shot back that the rejection was "short-sighted and self-destructive".
  • Strike jitters ripple out worldwide


    The possibility of an industry-wide stoppage in the summer of 2008 by the US industry's writers', actors' and directors' guilds is already having an impact in North America - an impact that could soon be felt in the international marketplace.
  • Marketing: The Bourne Ultimatum


    For the latest in the Bourne franchise, Universal is underlining character, story and action in its marketing. John Hazelton reports.
  • Bourne to run


    The Bourne series was one of the first major productions to put its international financing structure on screen. As Universal gears up for the global roll-out of The Bourne Ultimatum, John Hazelton explores the benefits of such globe-trotting.
  • No Reservations


    Dir: Scott Hicks. US. 2007. 101mins.No Reservations is the lighter, blander Hollywood version of Mostly Martha (Drei Sterne), the 2001 German-language romantic dramedy about love, food and family. The adjusted tone and the star power of leads Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart will certainly suit the remake's domestic positioning as a female-skewing piece of summer counter-programming.
  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry


    Dir: Dennis Dugan. US. 2007. 115mins.Tiptoeing carefully around the touchy subject of gay marriage, Adam Sandler farce I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry turns out to be a pretty inoffensive but not terrifically funny buddy comedy that slips its vague pleas for lifestyle tolerance in between bursts of the kind of broad, un-PC humour for which its star is best known.
  • European screenwriters' manifesto: world in motion


    Signatories from the US and Europe have backed a manifesto to give more rights to writers. John Hazelton reports
  • Screenwriting: odds even.


    Initiated at Sundance, screenwriters' group 1.3.9 hopes to work directly with actors and directors on film projects. So how will the arrangement work' John Hazelton reports
  • Writers' co-op: singular vision


    John Wells' Writers' Co-Op draws together a stable of veteran writers to generate scripts and share in a project's upside.
  • Writers rights


    Screenwriters are looking to change the way they are treated by the industry - and win more recognition. As the UK's International Screenwriters' Festival (July 3-6) opens, John Hazelton explores the writers' lot.
  • Dobson elected to head LA-based Australians In Film


    Los Angeles-based public relations executive Susie Dobson has been elected president and chief executive officer of the board of directors of Australians In Film, the organisation for expatriate Australians in the US entertainment industry. Producer/business affairs consultant Paula Paizes has been elected the organisation's vice president, and manager/producer Rob Marsala secretary/chairman of the board. Terms are for two years effective July 1, 2007.Dobson is ...
  • Arthouse Films buys worldwide rights to The Cool School


    New York-based independent Arthouse Films has acquired worldwide rights to feature documentary The Cool School: How Los Angeles Learned to Love Modern Art. Directed by Morgan Neville and narrated by Jeff Bridges, the film focuses on the story of Los Angeles' legendary Ferus Gallery, which helped launch artists including Ed Ruscha, Craig Kauffman, Ed Moses and Robert Irwin in the fifties and sixties. It was produced by Neville and Kristine ...
  • Rothblum promoted at Warner Bros International TV Distribution


    Warner Bros International Television Distribution (WBITD) has promoted Sylvia Rothblum to senior vice president and managing director, German-speaking territories.Based in Munich, Rothblum will supervise WBITD's operations in German-speaking Europe, overseeing the licensing of content including series, theatrical and TV movies and animation to free and pay TV operators over terrestrial, cable, satellite and IPTV platforms. She will also supervise licensing to selected new media ...
  • Tele Muenchen signs longterm free TV deal with MGM


    Tele Muenchen has signed a long term licensing deal covering free TV German-language rights to recent, forthcoming and future MGM and United Artists films and TV movies. Included in the deal between the Munich-based German media group and MGM International TV Distribution are the upcoming 22nd James Bond film; a new installment of The Pink Panther franchise; Lions for Lambs, the first release ...
  • Image amends merger agreement with Bergstein investor group


    North American video distributor Image Entertainment has amended its merger agreement with an investor group led by David Bergstein to give Image investors more cash per share and to allow them to retain a minority interest in the merged operation.BTP Acquisition Company, the group led by Capitol Films and THINKfilm owner Bergstein, had already elected to keep Image a publicly traded company with a NASDAQ listing. Now Image stockholders will receive the same aggregate cash ...
  • Anderson's Darjeeling Ltd to open New York Film Festival


    Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited has been set to open the 45th New York Film Festival (NYFF), which runs from Sept 28 to Oct 14, and Joel and Ethan Coen's No Country For Old Men will fill the festival's Centerpiece slot. Also screening at the festival, hosted by the Film Society of Lincoln Center, will be Cannes Palme d'Or winner 4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days, ...
  • Gill & Sackers's Film Department launches with $200m in financing


    The Film Department, the new independent finance, production and international sales company formed by Mark Gill and Neil Sacker, has raised $200m in financing and hopes to unveil its first projects within the next few weeks.Gill and Sacker said the financing should also allow them to conclude negotiations with an international sales chief who will introduce the projects to buyers at Toronto and the AFM. When revolved and re-invested, the $200m will fund The Film ...
  • Six new TV companies join IFTA


    The Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) has added six new members from the television arena, among them E! Entertainment Television and SND/M6 Droits Audiovisuels.E! is the 24-hour US network whose entertainment-related programming is seen in more than 120 countries worldwide. SND/M6 Droits Audiovisuels is the international distribution subsidiary of M6, France's second private television network.Other new TV members of IFTA, the global trade association ...
  • Other Israel Film Festival set for Nov dates in New York


    The first Other Israel Film Festival, dedicated to showcasing the life, images, voices and stories of Arabs in Israeli society, has been set for Nov 8-15 in New York City. The Festival will screen 18-20 narrative features, documentaries and short films. In addition, there will be panel discussions, post-screening question-and-answer sessions and other opportunities to meet with filmmakers and participants. The schedule of films and participants is scheduled to be announced ...
  • Trade, El Cantante bookend New York Latino festival


    The eighth annual New York International Latino Film Festival (NYILFF), taking place July 24-29, has set human trafficking drama Trade as its opening night film and salsa music epic El Cantante as its closing night attraction. The festival will feature 16 world premieres from Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain and other countries. More than 80 US and international feature films, ...
  • Gazzale to succeed Picker Firstenberg at head of AFI


    Film historian and Emmy-nominated television writer-producer Bob Gazzale has been appointed president and CEO of the American Film Institute (AFI).Gazzale has been a senior executive at AFI for 15 years, most recently serving as director of AFI Productions. He will succeed Jean Picker Firstenberg, who announced she would retire at the end of AFI's fortieth anniversary celebration this autumn. Gazzale will assume the office on November 1.'After considering a diverse ...
  • Hounsou steps up to Summit's Get Some


    Summit Entertainment has cast two-time Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond) to star opposite Sean Faris and Amber Heard in its action/drama Get Some. Also cast in the story of a Florida fight club for teens is Cam Gigandet (The OC). A Mandalay Independent Pictures production, Get Some is to be directed ...
  • Effie Brown's Duly Noted lines up Mos Def for two films


    Producer Effie Brown's Duly Noted Inc production company has signed actor and hip-hop artist Mos Def (The Italian Job) to star in and executive produce Bobby Zero, from writing-directing team Markus and Mason Canter, aka The Flying Canter Brothers (Chasing The Horizon). In his first romantic lead, Mos Def will play the title character, a down-on-his-luck social ...
  • Maya buys world on August Evening after LAFF premiere


    New US production, distribution and exhibition company Maya Entertainment has acquired Chris Eska's August Evening for worldwide distribution. The deal was sealed after the film's world premiere in the narrative competition of Film Independent's Los Angeles Film Festival. Written and directed by Eska and produced by Connie Hill and Jason Wehling, the film is the story of an undocumented worker and his widowed daughter-in-law. It stars ...
  • Christie crosses 3,000 digital cinema systems mark around globe


    US visual solutions company Christie says it has become the first manufacturer to install more than 3,000 digital cinema systems around the world, giving it a nearly 80% share of the emerging digital system market. The company says that by the end of the year it expects to have installed 4,000 of its DLP Cinema projectors. More than 2,600 systems have been installed in the US as part of the AccessIT software and funding vehicle introduced in 2005. But the company's ...
  • 2929 signs on with Cherry Lane Music Publishing


    Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company has added 2929 Productions to its roster of film industry clients. Under a multi-year, worldwide administration agreement the New York-based music publisher will represent and exploit all 2929-owned music while securing performance rights fees from various music publishers worldwide.Los Angeles-based 2929 is owned by Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban and known for recent features including Good Night, ...
  • Palm Pictures to provide content to social media network imeem


    Chris Blackwell's Palm Pictures has formed a strategic content partnership with imeem, the San Francisco-based 'social media network' that claims more than 16 million active users. The partnership will kick off on June 29 with online screenings of The Method (El Metodo), Marcelo Pineyro's award-winning 2005 Argentinian drama. Palm says the screenings will mark the first time a movie company has premiered full-length content on a social ...
  • Awards heat for Cotillard starts early with Hollywood Award nod


    La Vie en Rose star Marion Cotillard is to receive the Hollywood Film Festival's Hollywood Breakthrough Actress of the Year Award at the festival's October 22 awards ceremony in Beverly Hills. Cotillard plays French chanteuse Edith Piaf in Olivier Dahan's La Vie en Rose, which was released theatrically in the US by Picturehouse on June 8. She previously won the Cesar for best supporting ...
  • Denzel Washington to receive Kubrick honour from BAFTA/LA


    Denzel Washington is to receive the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts/Los Angeles (BAFTA/LA).The two-time Oscar-winning actor will be presented with the honour at the 2007 BAFTA/LA Cunard Britianna Awards on November 1 at Los Angeles' Century Plaza Hotel.Washington will next be seen in November release American Gangster, directed by Ridley Scott and ...
  • Animation veteran Seibert launches feature outfit Frederator Films


    Animation veteran Fred Seibert is launching Frederator Films, a new US company that plans to make 2D animated genre features with budgets below $20m. Among the company's first projects is a big screen version of Cartoon Network hit Samurai Jack. Seibert, a one-time president of Hanna-Barbera and creative director of MTV, currently heads TV animation company Frederator Studios (The Fairly Odd Parents). ...
  • Koch Lorber, Red Envelope buy domestic rights to Water Lilies


    Koch Lorber Films and Netflix's Red Envelope Entertainment have jointly acquired all US and Canadian rights to French coming-of-age tale Water Lilies (La Naissance des Pieuvres).First time writer-director Celine Sciamma's film about a group of teenage girls who gather at a suburban swimming pool premiered in the Un Certain Regard section at this year's Cannes Film Festival. After additional ...
  • Warner Bros, HP to streamline post-production, restoration


    In a move the studio says will streamline its post-production processes and 'future-proof' films going into its archive, Warner Bros Entertainment is deploying media storage technology from computer maker HP that uses the 4K digital format, the highest resolution format for digital video. Warner and HP formed a strategic partnership several years ago. Now the studio will use HP storage technology - already deployed on the production of recent release
  • Tribeca, William Morris, CIMG create Beijing film event


    Tribeca Film Festival organiser Tribeca Enterprises is linking up with the William Morris Agency (WMA) and lifestyle content creator China Interactive Media Group (CIMG) to present a two-day independent film event in Beijing, China.The Tribeca 798 Film Festival Beijing will take place on July 10 and 11 and will centre around special screenings of director Benson Lee's Planet B-Boy, a documentary about the global resurgence of break-dancing ...
  • Sony picks up slew of rights to ContentFilm's Outpost


    Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group (SPWAG) has acquired all distribution rights to ContentFilm's horror thriller Outpost for a package of territories including North America, the UK and Australia.Set in war-torn Eastern Europe, Outpost follows a band of mercenaries who undertake a dangerous mission at the behest of a mysterious businessman. The multi-national cast includes Ray ...
  • TWC shows Sicko trailer on building exteriors near hospitals


    In an innovative - and cheeky - marketing move, the Weinstein Company has today (June 25) projected the trailer for Michael Moore's Sicko on the outside of buildings near the headquarters of health insurance companies and hospitals in five US cities. The company said the trailer screenings 'will enable millions of Americans, including employees at leading HMOs [health maintenance organisations], insurance companies and hospitals, to see ...
  • Overture Films takes domestic rights to De Niro/Pacino thriller


    Overture Films has come aboard to distribute Millenium Films' Robert De Niro-Al Pacino action thriller Righteous Kill in North America.The film, which will be produced by Randall Emmett and Rob Cowan along with Millenium, is set to start shooting in September in Bridgeport, Connecticut and New York City. Overture's executive vice president, productions and acquisitions Sean Furst will oversee production on behalf of his company.
  • Paramount grants license for theme park in UAE


    The licensing arm of Paramount Pictures has signed a long-term agreement that will allow United Arab Emirates (UAE) company Ruwaad Holdings to develop a Paramount-branded theme park in the UAE. The park will feature rides, shows and attractions based on Paramount movies, and will also, according to a Paramount statement, 'have a unique blend of Hollywood, Bollywood and Arabian motion picture entertainment content.' It will be part of a $2.5bn destination envisioned to incorporate ...
  • MGM to launch channel in Netherlands, Flemish-speaking Belgium


    MGM Networks, the branded TV channel division of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, is to launch a new MGM Channel movie service customised for audiences in the Netherlands and Flemish-speaking Belgium.Subtitled in Dutch, the new channel, 100% owned by MGM, will be transmitted and distributed through an agreement with Chellomedia, the Europe-based content division of Liberty Global. The channel will feature contemporary hit films like Get Shorty, ...
  • Evan leads, 1408 strong at North American box office


    Effects-heavy family comedy Evan Almighty topped the North American box office chart for the weekend, opening with an estimated gross of $32.1m. But it was Stephen King horror adaptation 1408 that impressed most, with its $20.2m debut.
  • Shrek The Third reigns on in international marketplace


    Shrek The Third continued to rule the international marketplace this weekend, opening well in Germany, Spain and half a dozen smaller countries and grossing an estimated $48.6m from 5,737 locations across 45 territories.
  • Talk To Me


    Dir: Kasi Lemons. US. 2007. 115mins.A tasty performance by Don Cheadle and a nice evocation of late-sixties black America are the heart and soul of Talk To Me, director Kasi Lemmons' enjoyable period drama about real-life Washington DC deejay-activist Petey Greene Jr. The Sidney Kimmel Entertainment production could prove a profitable crowd-pleaser among black US audiences and might also do some mainstream business as summer season counter-programming. International ...
  • 1408


    Dir: Mikael Hafstrom. US. 2007. 94mins.Pitched as summer counter-programming but arriving in the midst of a glut of underperforming horror releases, 1408 is a spooky Stephen King adaptation given an extra touch of class by leads John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson and Swedish director Mikael Hafstrom.
  • Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer


    Dir: Tim Story. US. 2007. 92mins.The sequel to unexpected summer 2005 smash Fantastic Four adds a major new Marvel character to the action and aims for a broader audience with a slightly younger skew than the first film. In essence, though, Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer is the same kind of lightweight but well executed comic book-based romp as its predecessor, suggesting a global box office take at least as big as the original's $330m and ...
  • Joost to host Bollywood content from New York's Saavn


    Internet television service Joost has signed a deal with New York-based film, music and TV show packager Saavn for the Internet distribution of Bollywood music videos from the Saavn library.
  • J-horror hit-makers join forces for US project


    J-horror hit-makers Hideo Nakata and Taka Ichise are set to team up on US horror project Inhuman, from Twentieth Century Fox and Regency Enterprises. The film will be based on a script - inspired by a real Japanese murder case - by Eric Heisserer, writer of the in-development Warner/Heydey horror project Dionaea House (aka The Occupants). Nakata will direct and Ichise will produce with Vertigo Entertainment's Roy Lee and Doug Davison.
  • Random House and Rogue work on series including Sigler's Infested


    Scott Sigler's novel Infested, to be published in the US and Canada next spring by Random House's Crown imprint, has been acquired for development by Random House Films and Rogue Pictures.
  • Film Sales Company strikes three new deals for Crazy Love


    The Film Sales Company has announced theatrical rights sales of documentary Crazy Love to Tartan Films for the UK, Palace Films for Australia and Shani Films for Israel.
  • Gargotta takes top marketing role at Columbia TriStar


    Tommy Gargotta has been named senior executive vice president, worldwide creative advertising, Columbia TriStar Marketing Group (CTMG). As part of Gargotta's expanded duties he will serve in an integral capacity on the global launch of tentpole films and work closely with the studio's international marketing division. Prior to the promotion, he was solely involved in the creation and launch of domestic creative campaigns. Gargotta joined Columbia in March 2001 ...
  • Liddell makes directorial debut with psychological thriller


    Veteran producer Mickey Liddell is to make his directorial debut with She Lived, a psychological thriller starring Haley Bennett, Jake Weber and Shannon Woodward. The Liddell Entertainment production will start shooting in July on location in Los Angeles. Liddell Entertainment's Jennifer Hilton will produce with Stephen Kay as executive producer. Script is by John Travis and rewrites by Rebecca Sonnenshine. Prior to launching ...
  • Witt joins The Weinstein Company as senior VP of production


    Renee Witt has joined The Weinstein Company as senior vice president of production. Based in New York City, Witt will work closely with Michael Cole, Harvey Weinstein, writers and film-makers on the development of projects for TWC's slate. She will also oversee the production of certain projects. Witt most recently served as Senior Vice President at Laura Ziskin Productions where she was responsible for acquiring and overseeing such projects as
  • US-based web service signs multi-picture Bollywood deal

    1-Jun-2007, the California-based online community for world cinema, has signed a 30-film distribution deal with India's National Film Development Corporation (NFDC). Under the agreement, the films of some of India's most acclaimed directors will be available for download for the first time, said Jaman. The films will be delivered in high-definition directly to viewers around the world.The collection includes three films from Satyajit Ray as well as works by Kundan ...
  • Fox sells Mexican studio to investors' group


    Twentieth Century Fox has sold the Mexican studio used to shoot parts of Titanic and Tomorrow Never Dies to a group of private investors. The 46-acre Baja Studios near Rosarito, about 150 miles south of Los Angeles, was built in 1996. Its huge water tanks housed a replica of the title ship during the extended shoot of Titanic. The tanks were also used on other water-borne epics, among them Master ...
  • Meyer promoted to new Disney global publicity role


    In a reorganisation of Disney's global publicity operation, Teri Meyer has been promoted to the newly-created position of executive vice president of worldwide publicity for Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Marketing. Meyer will be responsible for formulating and executing worldwide publicity campaigns for all live-action and animated motion pictures released under the Walt Disney Pictures (live action and animation), Touchstone Pictures and Hollywood Pictures banners.
  • Warner Bros brings forward Potter opening in US


    Warner Bros has brought the US opening of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix forward from Friday, July 13 to Wednesday, July 11. The domestic launch now coincides with the film's first major-territory international opening, in France. The extra days will also help boost the film's opening weekend box office gross. The only previous Potter film launched in the summer, 2004's Harry ...
  • Pirates faces scattered competition in second weekend


    International weekend preview: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End opens in just one new territory for its second weekend, but with little new competition arriving in the international marketplace the Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer sequel is assured of another round of impressive grosses.
  • Film Sales gets Cannes deals on Crazy Love


    The Film Sales Company has announced theatrical rights sales of documentary Crazy Love to Tartan Films for the UK, Palace Films for Australia and Shani Films for Israel. All three distributors plan an early autumn release for the film, which is directed by Dan Klores and co-directed by Fisher Stevens and explores a 50-year love affair filled with infidelities, violence and deceit. The deals were signed during the ...
  • Magnolia and Red Envelope take domestic rights to Ferguson doc


    Magnolia Pictures and Red Envelope Entertainment have acquired all North American rights to Charles Ferguson's No End In Sight, Documentary Jury Prize winner at this year's Sundance Festival. The film, which looks at the decision-making process behind the occupation of Iraq, was written and directed by Ferguson and executive produced by Oscar nominee Alex Gibney (Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room). ...
  • Hunton takes new role at Paramount Home Entertainment


    Paramount Home Entertainment International (PHEI) has appointed Don Hunton to a new post as executive vice president, general manager Paramount Home Entertainment for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Hunton was previously senior vice president of the Asia Pacific, UK and Ireland regions for PHEI. Prior to joining PHEI, he held various management positions at MGM.Meanwhile, Luigi Calabrese will become senior vice president, general ...
  • Rogue and Random House take film rights to Sigler novel


    Scott Sigler's novel Infested, to be published in the US and Canada next spring by Random House's Crown imprint, has been acquired for development by Random House Films and Rogue Pictures.
  • Weinsteins acquires domestic rights to Woody Allen film


    The Weinstein Company (TWC) has acquired US, Australian and New Zealand rights to Woody Allen's Cassandra's Dream.
  • QED secures $50m credit facility from Comerica and Aramid


    Los Angeles-based finance and international sales company QED International has secured a $50m revolving credit facility from senior lender Comerica Bank and the London-based Aramid Entertainment Fund.
  • Deborah Lincoln takes new post in London for Warner Bros.


    Veteran communications and political strategist Deborah Lincoln has been named to the newly created position of vice president, corporate communications, Europe, Warner Bros. Entertainment
  • Martin to direct Cadillac Records for Sony BMG Film


    Sony BMG Film has chosen Darnell Martin (Their Eyes Were Watching God) to direct Cadillac Records, a feature about the world of rock and roll in 1950s Chicago, from her own script.
  • Kerry McCluggage to give keynote at IFTA conference


    Kerry McCluggage, chairman of Allumination FilmWorks and former chairman of Paramount Television Group, is to deliver the keynote speech at the Independent Film & Television Alliance's (IFTA) annual Production Conference next month.
  • CineVegas to honour Hopkins, Kingsley, Theron


    The Cine Vegas Film Festival has set Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley, Mike Newell and Charlize Theron to receive awards during its June 6-16 run at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.
  • Kindred's Erb and Nicolo start production outfit Feverpitch


    Distribution and production executives Jeffrey D. Erb and Joe Nicolo have left distribution company Kindred Media Group to form their own production operation, Feverpitch Pictures.
  • Peace Arch starts US distribution arm under Balsam


    Peace Arch Entertainment is setting up a US theatrical distribution division to be headed by the Canadian company's president of US distribution Mark Balsam.
  • Sony challenges Disney's Pirates box-office record figures


    Walt Disney Co has released final box office figures for the opening of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, producing a slightly increased six-day worldwide total of $404m.
  • Pirates reaches $156m domestic, $245m international


    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End ended the four-day North American holiday weekend with an estimated domestic gross of $156m, a new record for the Memorial Day weekend. And distributor Buena Vista issued a new international figure of $245m (including estimates for Monday), pushing the film's worldwide total past $400m for its first six days on release.
  • Pirates raids international market with $205.5m opening


    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End grossed an estimated $205.5m in the international marketplace this weekend, the biggest standard opening of all time, according to distributor Buena Vista International (BVI).
  • Third Pirates gets global launch


    Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End invades the global marketplace this weekend, opening in North America and 101 international markets in what will be Buena Vista's biggest day-and-date launch ever.
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End


    Dir: Gore Verbinski. US. 2007. 167mins.Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy coasts to its conclusion with At World's End, a third instalment that adds nothing very exciting to the franchise's formula but spins out the familiar elements with just about enough energy and inventiveness to warrant an almost three-hour running time.
  • Spidey stays strong in international markets


    Displaying strong international legs, Spider-Man 3 dominated the international box office again this weekend, falling a modest 41% to $49.6m. Shrek The Third, meanwhile, added to its huge domestic haul with an extremely promising international debut in Russia.
  • Shrek The Third makes $122m domestic debut


    Shrek The Third had a fairy tale beginning at the North American box office this weekend, grossing an estimated $122m and beating Shrek 2's record for the biggest ever opening by an animated film.
  • Zodiac, Shrek open in pre-Pirates international lull


    The lull between the global assaults of Spider-Man 3 and next week's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End continues this weekend, though the debut of Zodiac and the Russian opening of Shrek The Third could produce some new action in the international marketplace.
  • Spidey on top in US, in spite of 60% drop


    Spider-Man 3 took a 60% hit in its second weekend at the North American box office, but it still ruled the marketplace, leaving slimmer than expected pickings for three new releases.
  • Spider-Man still dominates after 50% international drop


    Spider-Man 3 once again dominated the international box office this weekend, falling a respectable 50% from its record-shattering opening to gross $85.5m. International debutant 28 Weeks Later came a very distant second with an estimated $4.7m.
  • Shrek The Third


    Dir: Chris Miller. US. 2007. 92mins. The 'greatest fairy tale never told' (as the original tag line put it) is missing a bit of its magic in this, the DreamWorks Animation CG fable about the big green ogre and his oddly familiar friends. With a new director and writers but not much in the way of new characters, Shrek The Third puts the emphasis more on family themes and less on the sort of witty comedy that gave the first two films their enjoyable edge.
  • Digital Rights - Talking points - Any other business'


    Home-video residuals
  • Digital rights - Unions - The bill of rights


    The start of a new round of labour talks often has Hollywood on edge. But this summer the anxiety level will be higher than usual when representatives of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (Amptp) begin negotiations over a new contract between film and TV writers and their studio and network employers.
  • In focus - Specialty divisions - Niche labels reveal new look


    These are changing times for the specialised divisions of the Hollywood studios. Over the past two years, Fox Searchlight and Universal's Focus Features have restructured their management teams, Warner Independent Pictures has replaced its president, Disney's Miramax Films has started a new life without Harvey and Bob Weinstein, and Paramount Classics has been reinvented as Paramount Vantage.
  • Wind Chill


    Dir: Gregory Jacobs. US. 2007. 91mins. It isn't hard to see why Wind Chill is getting left out in the cold in the US theatrical market. As messy and confusing as it often is, however, this misfit horror thriller - produced, originally for Revolution Studios, by the UK's Blueprint Pictures and Steven Soderbergh's Section Eight - still has some merits, including a strong performance from British lead Emily Blunt and flashes of promise from director Gregory Jacobs.
  • Next


    Dir: Lee Tamahori. US. 2007. 96mins.A promising Philip K Dick premise gets spun out to middling effect in Next, a sort-of-sci-fi thriller with Nicolas Cage playing the reluctant hero and Lee Tamahori directing. The Initial Entertainment/Revolution Studios production may get lost in the summer crowd theatrically, but Cage's star power could help it get noticed later in ancillary markets.
  • Fracture


    Dir: Gregory Hoblit. US. 2007. 113mins.
  • US tax breaks: the laws of attraction


    As competition for production increases, more and more US states are launching incentive programmes and, in some cases, designing them in innovative ways.
  • Meet The Robinsons


    Dir: Stephen Anderson. US. 2007. 94mins. Walt Disney Feature Animation's second computer-animated outing is a hyperactive mix of retro sci-fi, physical comedy and family drama. As zippy and colourful as it is, though, Meet The Robinsons is not as entertaining or endearing as the division's CG feature debut Chicken Little. So it will need to make the most of its pre-Easter holiday opening and relatively wide 3D release to have a chance of matching Chicken's ...
  • Shooter


    Dir: Antoine Fuqua. US. 2007. 126 mins.Oscar nominee Mark Wahlberg appears to be going more for box office gold than critical honours with Shooter, a handsome but seriously overblown action thriller from Training Day and King Arthur director Antoine Fuqua. Mashing up elements from the Rambo movies, TV action series 24 and conspiracy classics like The Parallax View, this Paramount production gets sillier with each passing ...
  • American Future - Simon Horsman sets up shop in LA


    Qualified in the UK and California, British media lawyer Simon Horsman has practised his profession on both sides of the Atlantic. And right now, suggests the head of the new Los Angeles office of London-based production and financing company Future Films, the US is the place to be.
  • United States - Feeding the distribution machine


    In the third-party acquisition business, Sony has long been one of the most active and innovative of the Hollywood studios. Its commitment goes back to the 1980s, when, among other projects, it co-financed Steven Soderbergh's groundbreaking indie film sex, lies and videotape.
  • Blockbuster season: animated animals


    After last year's glut, there are only two non-sequel animated films this summer.
  • Blockbuster season: comedy contenders


    Raunchy or physical comedies often produce good summer results and this year's crop is a healthy one. Judd Apatow, writer-director of summer 2005 hit The 40-Year-Old Virgin, is behind the camera again for Universal's Knocked Up (June 1), about a man who finds out he has impregnated his one-night stand.
  • Blockbuster season: counter culture


    The counter-programming success of last year's The Devil Wears Prada - which opened on the same weekend as Superman Returns and went on to gross $122m domestically - will not be easy to replicate.
  • Blockbuster season: dark horses


    Every summer schedule has a few unknown quantities and among this year's is a handful of films that look intriguing on paper and may perform in the marketplace.
  • Blockbuster season: scary alternatives


    Recent summers have produced a handful of lower budget horror and sci-fi hits and this year there are a number of potentially scary movies, several of them from international directors.
  • Blockbuster season: The Franchise Four


    Summer 2007 has a dream line-up of franchise properties, with an average per-film domestic gross across the four biggest series of almost $350m.
  • Blockbuster season: the long hit summer'


    The stars on screen will probably do their bit as well, but it is the stars in the sky that seem to be aligned this year for a huge box-office summer in the US and around the globe.
  • Blockbuster season: the long-delayed sequels


    Three sequels are attempting to re-ignite audience enthusiasm this summer after long lay-offs or major cast changes.
  • Blockbuster season: the original spin-offs


    Two of this summer season's tentpoles are not sequels but based on successful pre-existing properties.
  • The US: the new hot location'


    In recent years, Europe, Canada and New Zealand have been the hot locations for international film production. Now, though, those regions are seeing competition from the US - and the competitive inducements are not just keeping US producers at home but also beginning to lure non-US producers across the Atlantic.
  • United States - Outside in


    International film-makers are optimistic about the prospects for foreign-language films in the US - but they see pitfalls in working in Hollywood themselves. Those were two of the messages coming from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' symposium (February 24) with directors of the nominees for the foreign-language film Oscar.
  • United States - New road for Mandalay


    This time last year, Cathy Schulman was basking in glory as one of the two Oscar-winning producers of surprise best picture choice Crash. Currently, her time is taken up with something perhaps less glamorous but still, she says, exciting: the "entrepreneurial re-building" of Mandalay Pictures.
  • Think's big picture


    ThinkFilm went on a bit of a shopping spree at last month's Sundance Film Festival. The five-year-old independent US and Canadian distributor, not known for high-profile purchases, paid a reported $2m for North American rights to space-programme documentary M, wrote another big cheque for North American theatrical rights to spoof The Ten, and is said to have started talks for Penelope Cruz romantic comedy The Good Night.
  • Poseidon


    Dir: Wolfgang Petersen. US. 2006. 100mins.
  • Ghost Rider leaves rival releases in its dust at US box office


    Sony's Ghost Rider has powered its way tothe top of the North American box office chart with an estimated gross of$44.5m for the first three days of the four-day Presidents Day holiday weekend.The Marvel comic book adaptation left four otherwide releases in its ...
  • Ghost Rider, Fuzz lead the pack at international weekend


    Sony's comic book adaptation Ghost Rider rode straight to the head of the international pack this weekend with an estimated gross of $15.5m from 24 territories. But Universal's British comedy Hot Fuzz made the biggest single-territory mark, opening with an impressive $11.6m in the UK. Ghost Rider, produced by Columbia Pictures, Crystal Sky Pictures and Marvel ...
  • Ghost Rider


    Dir/scr: Mark Steven Johnson. US. 2007. 108mins.
  • Bridge To Terabithia


    Dir: Gabor Csupo. US. 2007. 95mins. Walden Media's latest take on a children's literature classic, Bridge To Terabithia is an understated, touching and largely faithful version of Katherine Paterson's pre-teen novel. With animation artist Gabor Csupo making his live-action directing debut, the fantasy-adventure nicely captures the spirit of Paterson's boy-girl story about friendship, courage, imagination and loss. Good theatrical runs followed by strong video ...
  • Studios offer triple punch of Ghost Rider, Good Shepherd and Hot Fuzz


    A diverse trio of studio-distributed films make their international debuts this weekend, with Sony launching comic book-based action outing Ghost Rider and Universal opening spy drama The Good Shepherd and British comedy Hot Fuzz. Ghost Rider, with Nicolas Cage as the Marvel Comics title character, opens through Sony ...
  • Just draw it


    Dale Wahl is used to Laika Entertainment, the fledgling feature animation operation owned by Nike chairman and co-founder Phil Knight, being viewed sceptically by the Hollywood establishment.
  • Night At The Museum returns to top of international charts


    Night At The Museum returned to the top of the international box office ranking this weekend. The sturdy Ben Stiller comedy grossed an estimated $13.7m from 4,800 screens in 43 markets, bringing its running international total to an impressive $230.8m. It opened at number one in France with an estimated $4.3m from 676 screens; and it held onto the top spot for a second weekend in Italy, where the gross was down a modest ...
  • Norbit rules at US box office


    The resurgent star power of Oscar-nominee Eddie Murphy droveParamount's Norbit straight to the top of the North American box officechart this weekend with a plus-size estimated gross of $33.7m. TheDreamWorks-produced comedy more than doubled the take of the weekend'sother new wide release, MGM/Weinstein prequel
  • Shorts and documentaries - Awards countdown - Hard-hitting docs take centre stage


    My Country, My Country
  • Because I Said So


    Dir: Michael Lehmann US. 2007. 100mins.
  • United States/Denmark - Lit Fuse


    In the 10 years since he moved from his native Denmark to Los Angeles, Mikkel Bondesen has established himself in the competitive world of management and expanded into film and TV production.
  • United states/Europe - Water works


    For Mark Horowitz and Andras Hamori, the recently launched international sales and co-production arm of H2O Motion Pictures is part new venture, part professional reunion.
  • Blood And Chocolate


    Dir: Katja Von Garnier. UK-Ger-Rom-US. 2007. 98mins. Blood And Chocolate is a werewolf love story with no bite and not much romance. Based on the popular American teen novel by British-born author Annette Curtis Klause, the Lakeshore Entertainment production may find an initial audience in the younger female demographic that has kept the book in demand for almost a decade. But with little to offer in the way of star power, special effects, sex ...
  • Free agent


    US president George W Bush may not seem to be furthering the cause of independent political cinema, but according to Philippe Diaz, the French producer and director who heads US production, post-production, distribution and international sales operation Cinema Libre Studio, his election in 2000 gave political film-making a shot in the arm.
  • In Focus - Quote, unquote: oscar REACTIONs


    'For the box office, the timing is just perfect. Paramount in the States is going to give the movie a second life, the movie has now jumped up from 100 to 800 or more theatres. Around the world the timing is great...'
  • Intrepid explorers


    Intrepid Pictures makes "the kind of movies we grew up on and that we still go see," says co-founder Marc Evans. Examples include the company's thriller remake The Hitcher, which opened wide in the US last weekend, and Neil Marshall's sci-fi thriller Doomsday, currently shooting in the UK and South Africa.
  • Reactions in full to Oscar nominations


    Al Gore, star of documentary feature nominee An Inconvenient Truth'I am thrilled for our director Davis Guggenheim and producers Laurie David, Lawrence Bender, Scott Burns and co-producer Lesley Chilcott. The film they created has brought awareness of the climate crisis to people in the United States and all over the world. I am so grateful to the entire team and pleased that the Academy has recognized their work. This film proves that movies ...
  • International rollouts slow for Xmas weekend


    With much of the world busy preparing for Christmasfestivities there are only scattered international openings for US studio filmsthis weekend. South Korea, Italy and Germany get most of the action. Fox International's Night At The Museum is the solestudio film getting its first major-territory launch. A day before its releasein the US, the effects-heavy family comedy starring Ben Stiller opens onThursday, Dec 21 ...
  • Eragon takes off with $30.3m international haul


    Eragon has ended CasinoRoyale's reign at the top of the international box office chart. The FoxInternational fantasy adventure grossed an estimated $30.3m over the weekend inits 76-territory day-and-date launch, while Sony's James Bond outing --international leader for the past four weeks -- took an estimated $21m from 64markets. Fox International executives saidthey were pleased ...
  • Happyness for Sony at US box office


    Will Smith drama The Pursuit of Happynessbeat two other family-oriented new releases to top the North American boxoffice chart this weekend -- and give distributor Sony the biggest single-yearaggregate gross ever recorded.
  • Eragon


  • Apocalypto


  • Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny


  • Flushed Away


  • The Grudge 2


    Dir: Takashi Shimizu. 2006. 102mins.The hairy ghost andher bug-eyed little boy work overtime in TheGrudge 2, Japanese director Takashi Shimizu's busy but less effectivesequel to his hit American remake of his franchise-starting J-horror chiller Ju-On.
  • The Grudge 2


  • The Prestige


  • The Prestige


  • Open Season


    Dirs: Jill Culton, Roger Allers, Anthony Stacchi. US. 2006. 86mins.
  • Pirates 3 set for global day-and-date launch in 2007


    On the weekend that Piratesof the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chestpassed the $1bn worldwide gross mark, The Walt Disney Company has revealed thatsequel Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End will be released day-and-date around the world nextsummer.
  • The Covenant leads new releases at US box office


    Three new releases divided the spoils at the NorthAmerican box office this weekend, and in the end it was Sony's teen horrorouting The Covenant that managed to top the chart with a relativelymodest $9m gross.
  • Cars passes billion dollar Pirates on international track


    Buena Vista International had a lot to celebrate thisweekend, as Cars took over pole position at the international box officeand previous leader Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest passedthe $1bn worldwide gross milestone.
  • Crank


    Dir/scr: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor. US. 2006.83mins.
  • World Trade Center


    Dir: Oliver Stone. US. 2006.125mins.
  • Miami Vice


    Dir: Michael Mann. US. 2006.132mins.
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


    Dir: Gore Verbinski. US. 2006. 151mins.
  • Click


  • Cars


    Exquisitelycrafted and warmly emotional, Cars isanother dazzling display Of computer animation from the apparently infalliblepeople at Pixar, this one telling its tale with a cast of cleverly humanisedautomobiles.
  • Break-Up beats X-Men at US box office


    Universal's The Break-Up was the surpriseleader at the North American box office this weekend, opening in top spot aftera dramatic second-week drop by Fox's X-Men: The Last Stand.
  • Da Vinci strong, Poseidon mixed in international arena


    The Da Vinci Code maintained its grip on theinternational marketplace this weekend, while X-Men: The Last Stand slidand Poseidon had mixed fortunes in its first major-territory launches.
  • Poseidon starts major-market international cruise


    Poseidon, United 93 and RV all maketheir major-market international debuts this weekend in the relative quietafter the successive worldwide launches of The Da Vinci Code and X-Men:The Last Stand.
  • LAFF to open with The Devil Wears Prada


    A line-up of more than 250 features and shorts - including 19 world premieres andseven US premieres - has been announced for Film Independent's 2006 Los AngelesFilm Festival (June 22 to July 2).
  • Da Vinci beats X-Men in international arena


    The Da Vinci Code fought off competition from newwide release X-Men: The Last Stand to stay dominant in the internationalmarketplace this weekend. The Sony thriller held up impressively with anestimated gross of $92.8m, while the Fox comic book sequel opened with a strong but not quite strong enough $76.1m.
  • X-Men makes mighty stand with $107m US debut


    X-Men: The Last Stand grossed an estimated$107m at the North American box office over the weekend, becoming the fourthbiggest US opener in history and the biggest ever over the Memorial Day holidayweekend.
  • Da Vinci holds well in international arena


    The Da Vinci Code maintained much of its allure inthe international marketplace this weekend, in spite of competition from newultra-wide release X-Men: The Last Stand.
  • X-Men makes mighty stand with $107m US debut


    X-Men: The Last Stand grossed an estimated$107m at the North American box office over the weekend, becoming the fourthbiggest US opener in history and the biggest ever over the Memorial Day holidayweekend.
  • X-Men: The Last Stand into battle with global launch


    X-Men: The Last Standmuscles its way into 95 territories this weekend, giving the internationalmarketplace its second ultra-wide day-and-date release in quick succession. TheFox International action sequel is set to open with a total of 8,500 prints playingon around 10,000 screens, with only Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China notincluded in the debut markets.Coming a week after the90-territory, ...
  • ...and delivers in US with $77m debut


    The Da Vinci Code opened powerfully in NorthAmerica this weekend with a gross of $77m, making it the first of the year'ssummer blockbusters to live up to expectations.
  • Da Vinci Code breaks international opening record...


    Riding a global wave of publicity and controversy, The DaVinci Code this weekend became the biggest international day-and-dateopener ever, with an estimated gross of $147m from 12,213 screens in 90territories.
  • Da Vinci goes global with international launch


    The Da Vinci Code floodsthe international marketplace this weekend, opening day-and-date (orthereabouts) with its US launch on nearly 12,000 screens spread across almostevery territory. The international opening is thewidest ever for distributor Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) and itgives the film an even broader global launch than the summer's first Hollywoodblockbuster, Paramount/UIP's ...
  • Mission stays strong in international marketplace


    Paramount's Mission: Impossible III stayed strongover its second weekend in the international marketplace with an estimatedgross of $40.5m, representing a relatively modest 42% drop from last weekend'simpressive $70.3m opening.
  • Poseidon can't sink Mission in US


    Poseidon failed to knock Mission:Impossible III off the top of the North American box office chart thisweekend, as Paramount's Tom Cruise sequel grossed an estimated $24.5m and theWarner disaster movie managed a mediocre $20.3m.
  • Just My Luck


    Dir: Donald Petrie. US.2006. 103mins.
  • Over The Hedge


    Dirs: Tim Johnson, KareyKirkpatrick. US. 2006. 87mins.
  • Silent Hill


    Dir: Christophe Gans. Can-Fr. 2006. 127 mins.
  • Inside Man


  • MGM unveils revitalised domestic distribution operation


    MGMhas confirmed its return to the North American theatrical distribution businessand unveiled an initial slate of 14 films from independent production companiesfor domestic release over the next year.
  • The Shaggy Dog


  • 16 Blocks


    Dir: Richard Donner. US. 2006. 113mins.
  • Final Destination 3


  • Capote starts international run after Berlin premiere


    Fresh from its European premiere at the Berlin FilmFestival, major Oscar contender Capote gets its first internationalopenings this weekend, a weekend that will otherwise see a few Hollywoodofferings starting their international runs and a few more continuing their roll-outs.
  • Les Bronzes 3 stays in front of international pack


    French smash Les Bronzes 3: Amis Pour La Viewas once again the biggest money-maker in the international marketplace thisweekend, grossing more in its home territory than Hollywood movies including Munich,Chicken Little and Walk The Line could manage from multiplemarkets.In its second weekend in France, the Gallic hit,distributed ...
  • New Pink Panther purrs at US box office


    MGM/Columbia's The Pink Panther won a tightrace at the North American box office this weekend, as four new wide releasesfound their respective audiences and took the top four spots on the box officechart.
  • New Pink Panther purrs at US box office


    MGM/Columbia's The Pink Panther won a tightrace at the North American box office this weekend, as four new wide releasesfound their respective audiences and took the top four spots on the box officechart.
  • New Pink Panther purrs at US box office


    MGM/Columbia's The Pink Panther won a tightrace at the North American box office this weekend, as four new wide releasesfound their respective audiences and took the top four spots on the box officechart.
  • New Pink Panther purrs at US box office


    MGM/Columbia's The Pink Panther won a tightrace at the North American box office this weekend, as four new wide releasesfound their respective audiences and took the top four spots on the box officechart.
  • Munich leads international box office field


    Major Oscar nominees dominated the international box officethis weekend, with Munich holding on at the head of the pack, Memoirsof a Geisha expanding well and Walk the Line making a good start.
  • Stranger top at North American box office


    Screen Gems' horror-thriller When a StrangerCalls was the box office champion in North America over the traditionallyslow Super Bowl weekend, opening with an estimated gross of $22m.
  • Stranger top at North American box office


    Screen Gems' horror-thriller When a StrangerCalls was the box office champion in North America over the traditionallyslow Super Bowl weekend, opening with an estimated gross of $22m.
  • Stranger tops US box office


    Screen Gems' horror-thriller When a StrangerCalls was the box office champion in North America over the traditionallyslow Super Bowl weekend, opening with an estimated gross of $22m.
  • Curious George


    Dir: Matthew OCallaghan. US. 2005. 77mins.
  • Firewall (Firewall)


  • Underworld: Evolution


    Dir: Len Wiseman. US. 2005.106mins.
  • Tristan & Isolde


  • Hi-def DVD rivals reveal US product slates


    Backers of the two rivalformats for high definition DVDs have announced their initial US productrelease plans and further details of player availability.
  • US majors' international take drops 6% in '05


    The US majors' aggregate international box office revenuedeclined 6% in 2005 to $7.93bn. The international drop was slightly bigger thanthe 4% fall-off in the majors' domestic take -- but it came after a 2004 thatsaw the studios' international theatrical revenues reach an all-time high of$8.5bn.
  • US video spending dips in 2005


    US consumers spent $22.8bn buying and renting DVDs in 2005,an 8% increase on 2004, according to figures from trade organisation theDigital Entertainment Group (DEG). But overall US consumer spending on video- including VHS rental and sell-through as well as DVD - actuallydeclined slightly, from $24.5bn in 2004 to $24.3bn.
  • Amy Israel joining Paramount Classics


    Former Miramaxacquisition executive Amy Israel is joining Paramount Classics as executivevice president of production and acquisitions. The appointment is one of thefirst made by John Lesher, named president of the Paramount specialty label twomonths ago.
  • Brokeback Mountain leads SAG nominations list


    Adding further to thethree films' fast-building awards season momentum, Brokeback Mountainhas received four awards nominations from the US Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and Capoteand Crash three each.
  • Jon Stewart to host Academy Award ceremony


    JonStewart, best known as host of US political satire series The Daily Show, has been set to hostthe 78th Academy Awards ceremonyand TV presentation on March 5.Stewarttakes over the job from Chris Rock, who made his first appearance as Oscar hostlast year.Besideshosting ...
  • Lee and Spielberg join newcomers on DGA shortlist


    The Directors Guild of America(DGA) has nominated past winners Ang Lee and Steven Spielberg and relativenewcomers George Clooney, Paul Haggis and Bennett Miller for its 2005Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film award.
  • North American box office down 4% for 2005


    TotalNorth American box office was down 4% to $8.83bn in 2005, according tofigures released on Tuesday by Nielsen EDI - not quite the disastrousslump feared earlier in the year, but still the lowest overall domestic tallysince 2001.Amongdistributors, Warner Bros, last year's number two domestically, ...
  • Oliveira to head Twentieth Century Fox Australia


    MarcosOliveira, long-standing managing director of Twentieth Century Fox Brazil, hasbeen appointed managing director for Fox - Australia and will relocate toSydney later this month. Patricia Kamitsuji, currently sales director in theBrazil office, will replace Oliveira as Fox - Brazil's managing director.Announcingthe appointments, Fox International co-head Paul Hanneman said that in his ...
  • US writers and producers announce nominations


    Brokeback Mountain, Capote,Crash and Good Night, and GoodLuck have all been nominated forawards by both the US producers' and writers' guilds. The 40 Year-Old Virgin, meanwhile, got a surprise nomination from thewriters' organization.
  • Liberty's Starz launches movie download service


    Liberty Media's StarzEntertainment Group is launching Vongo, a new US video download subscriptionservice that delivers movies from studios including Disney and Sony for viewingon Windows-based devices such as PCs, laptops and portable players.
  • Hoodwinked


    Dir: Cory Edwards. US.2005. 81mins.
  • Aeon Flux


    Dir: Karyn Kusama. US. 2005. 92mins.
  • The White Countess


  • Syriana


  • Derailed


  • Chicken Little


    Dir: Mark Dindal. US. 2005. 80mins.
  • The Legend Of Zorro


  • Stay


  • The Fog


  • Into The Blue


  • Flightplan


  • Cry Wolf


  • A Sound Of Thunder


    Dir: Peter Hyams.US/Germany/Czech Republic/UK. 2005. 101 mins.
  • The Cave


  • The Cave


  • The 40 Year-Old Virgin


  • Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo


    Dir: Mike Bigelow. US.2005. 83mins.
  • The Dukes Of Hazzard


    Dir: Jay Chandrasekhar.US. 2005. 102 mins. Itwould have been easy just to make fun of The Dukes of Hazzard, the supremely corny early eighties US TV seriesabout Bo and Luke Duke, two young buck good ole boys from deep in the heart ofGeorgia. Surprisingly though, this Warner Bros/Village Roadshow big screenversion of the ...
  • Stealth


  • Must Love Dogs


    Dir:Gary David Goldberg. US. 2005. 9s7mins.
  • The Island


  • Fantastic Four looks Marvelous in $56m US debut


    It took a quartet of superheroes to do it, but the US boxoffice losing streak finally ended this weekend as Twentieth Century Fox's FantasticFour powered to the top of the North American chart with a bigger thanexpected estimated gross of $56m.The weekend tally for the Marvel Comics adaptation ...
  • Fantastic Four looks Marvelous in $56m US debut


    It took a quartet of superheroes to do it, but the US boxoffice losing streak finally ended this weekend as Twentieth Century Fox's FantasticFour powered to the top of the North American chart with a bigger thanexpected estimated gross of $56m.The weekend tally for ...
  • Fantastic Four looks Marvelous in $56m US debut


    It took a quartet of superheroes to do it, but the US boxoffice losing streak finally ended this weekend as Twentieth Century Fox's FantasticFour powered to the top of the North American chart with a bigger thanexpected estimated gross of $56m.The weekend tally for ...
  • War of the Worlds still rules international market


    War of the Worlds continued to dominate theinternational marketplace this weekend with an estimated gross of $60.5m. Butthe Tom Cruise-Steven Spielberg blockbuster was knocked out of the top chartspot in a few major markets by new international opener Fantastic Four.
  • Fantastic Four


    Dir: Tim Story. US. 2005.105 mins.
  • Fantastic starts rollout, War widens


    Comic book adaptation FantasticFour starts its international rollout this weekend day-and-date with its USopening, launching in four major markets as well as a slew of smallercountries. And War of Worlds islooking to build on its powerful international debut with openings in two moremajor territories. Fox International opens FantasticFour, ...
  • War of the Worlds reaches $113.2m in US


    War of the Worlds captured the top spot on the NorthAmerican box office chart for the July 4 Independence Day holiday weekend withan estimated gross for the four days from Friday to Monday of $77.6m from 3,908theatres, for a powerful per-theatre average of $19,857.Having opened on Wednesday, ...
  • War of the Worlds reaches $113.2m in US


    War of the Worlds captured the top spot on the NorthAmerican box office chart for the July 4 Independence Day holiday weekend withan estimated gross for the four days from Friday to Monday of $77.6m from 3,908theatres, for a powerful per-theatre average of $19,857.Having ...
  • War of the Worlds reaches $113.3m in US


  • War of the Worlds makes $102.5m international debut


    War of the Worlds blasted into the internationalmarketplace this weekend with an estimated five-day gross of $102.5m from 8,000prints running in 78 countries.
  • War of the Worlds invades international marketplace


    War of the Worlds takes its turn invading the globalmarketplace this weekend, with UIP giving the Steven Spielberg-Tom Cruisesci-fi adventure a 78-territory, 8,200-print international launch.
  • War takes over the world with $34.6m day one gross


    The highly anticipated Warof the Worlds has opened with anestimated first-day worldwide gross $34.606m, comprising $21.256m from 3,908theatres in North America and $13.35m from 46 international territories.
  • War Of The Worlds


    Dir:Steven Spielberg. US. 2005. 116 mins. It'salmost as if there are two Steven Spielbergs ...
  • Batman beats Bewitched, stays top in US...


    Warner Bros' Batman Begins held off Columbia's Bewitchedand two other new competitors over the weekend to retain the top spot on theNorth American box office chart.Overall box office for the weekend, however, was down onthe previous year for the eighteenth consecutive ...
  • Batman beats Bewitched, stays top in US...


    Warner Bros' Batman Begins held off Columbia's Bewitchedand two other new competitors over the weekend to retain the top spot on theNorth American box office chart.Overall box office for the weekend, however, was down on theprevious year for the eighteenth consecutive ...
  • ...and holds strong in international markets


    Batman Begins stayed impressively strong in itssecond weekend on international release, falling off just 36% in its holdoverterritories and performing better than its franchise predecessors in a trio ofnew markets.
  • Batman beats Bewitched, stays top in US


    Warner Bros' Batman Begins held off Columbia's Bewitchedand two other new competitors over the weekend to retain the top spot on theNorth American box office chart.Overall box office for the weekend, however, was down onthe previous year for the eighteenth consecutive ...
  • Batman beats Bewitched, stays top in US...


    Warner Bros' Batman Begins held off Columbia's Bewitchedand two other new competitors over the weekend to retain the top spot on theNorth American box office chart.Overall box office for the weekend, however, was down onthe previous year for the eighteenth consecutive weekend, ...
  • Brad Pitt's Plan B moving from Warner to Paramount


    Brad Pitt's production company Plan B has ended its dealwith Warner Bros and signed a first-look production agreement with ParamountPictures, whose chairman and CEO Brad Grey was one of Plan B's originalfounders. Pitt and Grey are pictured together here.
  • Herbie motors into Australia, Batman lands in Korea


    Herbie: Fully Loaded is the sole US studio filmmaking its international debut this weekend - and that only in one territory -in the lull between the wide day-and-date global launches of last week's BatmanBegins and next week's War of the Worlds.
  • Picture This takes Mirage for North America


    Picture This! Entertainment has acquired North Americanrights to Svetozar Ristovski's Mirage (Ilujiza), a Macedonian -language coming of age tale that hasbeen an official selection at festivals including Toronto, Tokyo and Rotterdam.
  • Picture This takes Ristovski's Mirage for North America


  • Kodak and Barco team up in digital cinema alliance


    US film and imaging giant Eastman Kodak Company and Europeandigital projector supplier Barco have formed a strategic alliance to providedigital cinema systems to exhibitors around the world.
  • Warner Bros picks up Almodovar's Volver for Italy


    Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) has acquired PedroAlmodovar's upcoming Volver fordistribution in Italy. The film stars Penelope Cruz, Carmen Maura, Lola Duenasand Chus Lampreave.
  • AMC and Loews Cineplex set to merge


    US and international exhibitors AMC Entertainment and LoewsCineplex have agreed to merge, creating a cinema chain with 5,900 screens inthe US and 13 other territories, including the UK, France, Spain, Japan, SouthKorea and Mexico.
  • Batman Begins hits $71.1m after five days in US


    Batman Begins swooped to the top of the NorthAmerican box office chart over the weekend with an estimated three-day gross of$46.9m, bringing its tally since opening last Wednesday to $71.1m. The impressive, if not spectacular totals were within therange expected by ...
  • Batman takes $41.7m in tricky international marketplace


    Batman Begins grossed an estimated $41.7m over the weekend from 8,000 screens in 73territories, making it the latest in a series of wide day-and-date openers totop the international box office chart.The international take (achieved over five days insome territories) added to an impressive domestic gross -- $71.1m -- to givethe Warner Bros ...
  • Batman Begins hits $71.1m after five days in US


    Batman Begins swooped to the top of the NorthAmerican box office chart over the weekend with an estimated three-day gross of$46.9m, bringing its tally since opening last Wednesday to $71.1m. The impressive, if not spectacular totals were within therange expected by Warner Bros. But the ...
  • Batman Begins hits $71.1m after five days in US


    Batman Begins swooped to the top of the NorthAmerican box office chart over the weekend with an estimated three-day gross of$46.9m, bringing its tally since opening last Wednesday to $71.1m. The impressive, if not spectacular totals were within therange expected by Warner Bros. But the ...
  • Mr And Mrs Smith


  • Cinderella Man


  • Madagascar


    Dirs: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath. US. 2005. 86 mins. Apparently inspired by both the slapstick cartoons of Tex Avery and thestrange, stylised paintings of Henri Rousseau, the latest computer animatedfamily feature from DreamWorks delivers eye-catching fun for kids and justabout enough cute comic moments to keep their parents amused as well. Thoseelements alone should ensure a profitable early summer theatrical run and animpressive DVD take. But the lack of a really satisfying ...
  • Star Wars blasts international opening record


    The invasion of the international marketplace by FoxInternational's Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith produced amassive estimated gross of $144.8m over the weekend, making the Lucasfilmproduction the biggest international opener ever.
  • Star Wars explodes with $158m US debut


    Twentieth Century Fox's Star Wars: Episode III - Revengeof the Sith zoomed to the top of the North American box office chart overthe weekend with a record-breaking estimated four-day gross of $158.5m. The film's three-day weekend estimated gross was $108.5m, the second biggest of all time.
  • Star Wars explodes with $158m US debut


    Twentieth Century Fox's Star Wars: Episode III - Revengeof the Sith zoomed to the top of the North American box office chart overthe weekend with an estimated three-day gross of $108.5m, the second biggestthree-day opening of all time.
  • Weinsteins sign finance deal, add three more to slate


    Harvey and Bob Weinstein have reached agreement on an equityinvestment and a debt financing commitment for their new multi-media companyfrom New York investment bank Goldman, Sachs & Co.
  • Star Wars: Episode III already breaking records


    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith wasalready starting to break records as its massive international release began onWednesday and continued into the weekend.
  • Kingdom holds on at international box office


    Kingdom of Heaven, last week's big day-and-dateopener and international box office leader, held on to its position thisweekend with moderate drop-offs in many territories and a solid opening inJapan. The results owed something, however, to the scarcity of competition inthe last weekend before Star Wars: Episode III invades the globalmarketplace.
  • Monster-in-Law beats Kicking to top US box office


    New Line Cinema's Monster-in-Law made a strong debutin North America this weekend, grossing an estimated $24m and beatingUniversal's rival family comedy Kicking & Screaming, which took asolid $20.9m, to the top chart spot.
  • Monster-in-Law beats Kicking to top US box office


    New Line Cinema's Monster-in-Law made a strong debutin North America this weekend, grossing an estimated $24m and beatingUniversal's rival family comedy Kicking & Screaming, which took asolid $20.9m, to the top chart spot.
  • International quiet before Star Wars storm


    Major territory releases for US films are few and farbetween this weekend as the marketplace waits for Star Wars: Episode III tomake its global entrance next week.
  • Mindhunters


  • Clooney thriller joins Summit's Cannes slate


    Michael Clayton, a dramatic thriller set to start shootingearly next year with George Clooney starring, has been added to SummitEntertainment's Cannes pre-sales slate.
  • Kicking & Screaming


  • Kicking & Screaming


  • Kicking And Screaming


  • Kingdom of Heaven sweeps international box office


    Sweeping into 97 territories day-and-date with its North Americanlaunch, <I>Kingdom of Heaven</I> produced an impressive $56mestimated gross this weekend, putting it firmly at the top of the internationalchart and slightly exceeding the expectations that distributor FoxInternational had for the historical epic with obvious global potential.
  • Kingdom of Heaven sweeps international box office


    Sweeping into 97 territories day-and-date with its North American launch, Kingdom of Heaven produced an impressive $56m estimated gross this weekend, putting it firmly at the top of the international chart and slightly exceeding the expectations that distributor Fox International had for the historical epic with obvious global potential. The big budget Ridley Scott adventure, with Orlando Bloom starring as a 12th century Crusader, knocked rivals - namely XXX: The Next Level ...
  • Kingdom of Heaven sweeps international box office


    Sweeping into 97 territories day-and-date with its NorthAmerican launch, Kingdom of Heaven produced an impressive $56m estimated grossthis weekend, putting it firmly at the top of the international chart andslightly exceeding the expectations that distributor Fox International had forthe historical epic with obvious global potential.
  • Kingdom tops box office in soft US market


    Twentieth Century Fox's Kingdom of Heaven debuted at the topof the North American box office chart this weekend but its $20m estimatedgross fell short of some industry predictions and failed to give the summerseason a hoped for kick start. Warner Bros' House of Wax opened in second spot,but its estimated $12.2m gross was also a bit of a disappointment.
  • Kingdom tops box office in soft US market


    Twentieth Century Fox's Kingdom of Heaven debuted at the topof the North American box office chart this weekend but its $20m estimatedgross fell short of some industry predictions and failed to give the summerseason a hoped for kick start. Warner Bros' House of Wax opened in second spot,but its estimated $12.2m gross was also a bit of a disappointment.
  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith


  • Star Wars beats the record


  • The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy


  • A Lot Like Love


    Dir: NigelCole. US. 2005. 104 mins.
  • Fever Pitch


  • The Pacifier


  • Be Cool


  • Son Of The Mask


  • Constantine


  • Boogeyman


  • Alone In The Dark


  • Hide And Seek


  • Elektra


    Dir:Rob Bowman. US. 2005. 96mins.
  • White Noise


    Dir: Geoffrey Sax.UK-Can. 2004. 98mins.
  • Meet The Fockers


    Dir: Jay Roach. US. 2004.114mins.
  • Flight Of The Phoenix (Flight Of The Phoenix)


  • Blade: Trinity


  • The Aviator


  • Closer


  • Seed Of Chucky


  • The Incredibles


  • Team America: World Police


  • Taxi


  • Ladder 49


  • The Forgotten


  • Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow


  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse


  • Evergreen gets AMC digital roll-out


  • Indie icon Smith readies The Passion Of The Clerks


    Ten years after he burst onto the US indie scene with Clerks,filmmaker Kevin Smith has decided to make a sequel to the now almost legendaryno-budget comedy. Smith will direct The Passion Of The Clerks from hisown screenplay, with principal photography set to begin next January andMiramax set to distribute.
  • ThinkFilm, New Line Home Entertainment sign US video deal


    Independent distributor ThinkFilm has signed a US videodistribution deal with New Line Home Entertainment.
  • Fox embarks on Dodgeball roll-out


    SurpriseUS hit Dodgeball opens in its first major international territories thisweekend and distributor 20th Century Fox will be hoping that star Ben Stiller -whose Starsky And Hutch is now coming to the end of its better thanexpected international run - can drive the film to a strong internationaltotal.Dodgeball'sbroad ...
  • Chiocchi earns creative advertising stripes at Universal


  • DreamWorks COO Hahn's exit fuels succession rumours


    Veteran Hollywood executive Helene Hahn is to retire from her jobas DreamWorks' chief operating officer, fuelling speculation that Miramax chiefoperating officer Rick Sands will step in to replace her.
  • Evans to receive Leadership Award


    Legendary Hollywood producer Robert Evans is to be presented withthe Leadership Award at a gala evening for charity Best Buddies during thisyear's Toronto International Film Festival.
  • Evans to receive Leadership Award at Toronto


  • Fox International embarks on Dodgeball roll-out


    Surprise US hit Dodgeball launches in its first majorinternational territories this weekend and Fox International will be hopingthat star Ben Stiller - whose Starsky & Hutch is now coming to theend of its better-than-expected international run - can drive the film to astrong international total.
  • Fox, UGC to end French distribution partnership


    Twentieth Century Fox and UGC are ending their French theatricaljoint distribution venture UGC Fox Distribution (UFD) and will launch separatedistribution operations in the territory at the start of 2005.
  • The Machinist, Brother To Brother bookend IFP market


  • First Look, Content Film call off merger


    First LookMedia and ContentFilm have "mutuallyagreed" to end the merger discussions that had been underway since thecompanies signed a non-binding letter of intent in June. In a statement, thetwo parties said they were "unable to resolve certain businessissues."
  • Alien vs Predator


  • Collateral


  • Catwoman


    Dir: Pitof. US. 2004. 105 mins.
  • The Bourne Supremacy


  • King Arthur


  • Spider-Man 2


  • The Chronicles Of Riddick


  • Godsend


  • Van Helsing


    Dir/scr:Stephen Sommers. US. 2004. 132 mins.
  • Home On The Range


  • The Whole Ten Yards


  • The Alamo


  • Hellboy


  • Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed


  • Dawn Of The Dead


  • Starsky & Hutch


  • Twisted


  • Torque


  • Torque


  • The Young Black Stallion (LSF)


  • Paycheck


  • Stuck on You


  • Cheaper By The Dozen


  • Timeline


  • The Haunted Mansion


  • The Missing


  • Dr Seuss' The Cat In The Hat


  • Gothika


  • The Statement


  • Looney Tunes: Back In Action


  • Elf


  • Runaway Jury


  • The Rundown


  • The Fighting Temptations


  • Jeepers Creepers 2


  • The Battle Of Shaker Heights


  • Freddy Vs Jason


  • American Wedding


  • How To Deal


  • Bad Boys 2


  • Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines


  • Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle


  • Alex & Emma


  • Alex & Emma


  • Dumb And Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd


  • 2 Fast 2 Furious


  • Wrong Turn


  • Daddy Day Care


  • Down With Love


  • Bulletproof Monk


  • A Man Apart


  • Dreamcatcher


  • Foreign-language Oscar contenders could be the biggest winners


    Recognition for this year's best foreign-language Oscar contenders will help increase market share for indigenous films and boost government support for local industries.
  • Agent Cody Banks


  • Bringing Down The House


  • Cradle 2 The Grave


  • National Security


  • Final Destination 2


  • Just Married


  • A Guy Thing


  • Kangaroo Jack


  • Maid In Manhattan


  • Equilibrium


  • Nicholas Nickleby


  • Star Trek: Nemesis


  • Extreme Ops


  • Sonny


  • Die Another Day


  • I Spy


  • The Santa Clause 2


  • Abandon


  • Swept Away


  • Red Dragon


  • Slap Her...She's French


  • Starz Encore to shut down Starz! Pictures division


    US pay TV channel operator Starz Encore Group is to shut down its Starz! Pictures cable movie development and production unit, laying off Los Angeles-based vice president of original movies Paige Orloff and her three-person development team. A Starz Encore spokesman confirmed that the unit, which most recently produced boxing drama Joe and Max, is "winding down" and will cease operations by the end of the year.
  • Signs


  • Full Frontal


  • Stuart Little 2


  • The Bourne Identity


  • Mr Deeds


  • Men In Black II


  • Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood


  • The Sum Of All Fears


  • Bad Company


  • Enough


  • The Importance Of Being Earnest


  • Jason X


    Dir: Jim Isaac. US. 2002. 93mins.
  • Life Or Something Like It


  • The Scorpion King


  • Changing Lanes


  • Big Trouble


  • Clockstoppers


    Dir: Jonathan Frakes. US. 2002. 94 mins.
  • Death To Smoochy


    Dir: Danny DeVito. US. 2002. 109 mins.
  • Sorority Boys


    Dir: Wally Wolodarsky. US. 2002. 93 mins.
  • Resident Evil


  • Ice Age


  • All About The Benjamins


  • Big Fat Liar


  • Rollerball


  • Return To Never Land


  • Kung Pow: Enter The Fist


  • The Count Of Monte Cristo


  • Orange County


  • Impostor


  • Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius


    Dir: John A Davis. US. 2001. 92 mins.Viacom has loaded a lot of responsibility onto the computer-animated shoulders of Jimmy Neutron. Intended as the basis for a "multi-platform franchise", the character has been popping up for the past 10 months on Viacom's Nickelodeon channel in preparation for a feature debut that will be followed next September by a fully-fledged TV series. This first big-screen instalment of the planned franchise offers some stylish animation and a script ...
  • Not Another Teen Movie


    Not Another Teen Movie
  • Black Knight


  • The One


    The One
  • Thirteen Ghosts


  • Bones


  • Iron Monkey


  • Max Keeble's Big Move


  • Hardball


  • The Musketeer


  • Jeepers Creepers


  • US studios protected from online competition


    Hollywood studios planning to sell online movie downloads got good news last week in a report by the US Copyright Office on the 1998 Digital Millenium Copyright Act
  • Warner gets distribution of New Line in Germany


    New Line Cinema has confirmed that it is finalising a deal for German distribution of its films through 2002 and 2003 with sister company Warner Bros. The arrangement will replace New Line's current German deal with financially troubled independent Kinowelt. The Kinowelt deal expires at the end of this year after the release of the first film in New Line's The Lord of The Rings trilogy.
  • Beattie joins Lewis Horowitz Organisation


    Los Angeles-based film finance operation The Lewis Horowitz Organization (LHO) has named former Equicap Financial Corporation executive Robert Beattie as its new Canadian representative. Beattie will be based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Moore heads Fox's theatrical and home video units


    Twentieth Century Fox has united its international theatrical and international home video units under the supervision of Stephen Moore, president of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment International for the past four years.
  • Lions Gate gets US rights for The Grey Zone


    Lions Gate Films has acquired all North American rights to Millenium Films' The Grey Zone, which is set for its world premiere next month at the Toronto International Film Festival.
  • Summer Catch


  • Ghosts Of Mars


  • Osmosis Jones


  • Original Sin


  • Scary Movie 2


    Dir: Keenan Ivory Wayans. US. 2001. 88 mins.
  • Cats & Dogs


  • The Animal


    Dir: Luke Greenfield. US. 2001. 83 mins.
  • crazy/beautiful


    Dir: John Stockwell. US. 2001. 88mins.
  • Dr Dolittle 2


    Dir: Steve Carr. US. 2001. 85 mins.
  • Spy Kids


  • Exit Wounds


  • Irish singer makes acting debut in Time Machine


    Dublin-born singer-songwriter Samantha Mumba will make her feature film debut starring opposite Guy Pearce in the DreamWorks/Warner Bros sci-fi project The Time Machine, which is currently shooting in New York and Los Angeles.
  • Artisan drops IPO plans in favour of sale


    Four months after the disappointing performance of its Blair Witch Project sequel, once high-flying US independent Artisan Entertainment has withdrawn plans for its initial public offering (IPO) and brought in investment bankers to explore merger and sale options.
  • Lions Gate, Arrow target MOXIE


    Urban drama Borough of Kings, Jury Prize winner at last month's MOXIE!/Santa Monica International Film Festival, has been acquired in an all-rights deal by Lions Gate Entertainment. Directed by Elyse Lewin, the film stars Philip Bosco, Jim Stanek, Joseph Lyle Taylor and Patrick Newall and features Olympia Dukakis.
  • LA film festival offers 21 world premieres


    Thirty-six films, including 21 world premieres, have been announced for the line-up of this year's Los Angeles Film Festival, run by non-profit indie filmmaker organisation IFP/West.
  • Eastwood gets Mystic River rights


    Warner Bros and Malpaso Productions have bought movie rights to best-selling psychological suspense thriller Mystic River for Clint Eastwood to produce and direct. Eastwood is currently talking to writers about adapting the novel by Dennis Lehane but, according to a statement "has no immediate plans" to put the project into production.
  • Platnick to leave Mandalay


    Adam Platnick, president of motion pictures at Peter Guber's Mandalay Pictures, is to leave the company when his contract expires this summer. In a press release, Platnick did not specify his future plans but said he is "looking forward to new opportunities."
  • See Spot Run


  • Monkeybone


  • Head Over Heels


  • Valentine


  • Miss Congeniality


  • Red Planet


  • Little Nicky


  • Charlie's Angels


  • Lucky Numbers


  • The Original Kings Of Comedy


  • What Lies Beneath


  • Pokemon The Movie 2000


  • X-Men


  • Shanghai Noon


  • Spyglass in talks to buy part of Mann Theaters


    Spyglass Entertainment, the two-year-old production and distribution operation that hit the jackpot last year with The Sixth Sense, is believed to be negotiating its first move into the exhibition business.
  • Sony Classics takes US rights to Verticale


    Sony Pictures Classics (SPC) is close to acquiring North American rights to A La Verticale De L'Ete, directed by Vietnamese director Anh Hung Tran, which screened at Cannes in Un Certain Regard.
  • US vote opens doors to China


    Last November's agreement to further open China to the US entertainment industry is set to come into force after this week's vote in Congress to normalise trade relations between the two countries.
  • Mission Impossible 2


  • Miramax set to bask in Tuscan Sun


    Miramax has acquired an option on Frances Mayes' best-selling non-fiction book Under the Tuscan Sun: At Home In Italy.
  • Dinosaur


  • Rules Of Engagement