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Len Klady

  • The admissions bummer of 2010


    Len Klady worries about ticket sales in North American multiplexes falling 7% in 2010.
  • Marketplace: Blood money


    Horror is cinema’s most enduring genre, with films able to travel more widely than other genre fare - and provide solid box office on lower budgets.
  • Summer box office slumps, but indies show strength


    Len Klady analyses the US box office results this summer, with revenues down but niche films doing well.
  • Second-quarter box office: Depth but no breadth


    Len Klady analyses the second quarter at the global box office, with theatrical up 11% driven by 3D but admissions up less than 3% over 2009, esentially flat overseas.
  • Catching up with 3D


    So far in 2010, 3D has delivered more than $1bn at the global box office. But with only 8% of global screens equipped for the format, can exhibitors keep up with the flow of product?
  • Marketplace: No laughing matter


    Comedies can score big at home but struggle abroad. Leonard Klady looks at why US comedy can be lost in translation overseas
  • International Box Office: Boom Times


    The global box office experienced an impressive 28% spike for the first quarter from the comparable period in 2009. International proved to be the driving force in terms of growth, helped in part by 3D screen expansion. Len Klady analyses the numbers and reveals studio market share.
  • Smaller exhibitors debate digital dilemma at ShoWest


    For close to a decade the underlying question at ShoWest was when would digital cinema become a factor in film exhibition. And for years industry pundits responded that it was five to ten years in the future.
  • Glickman, Fithian trumpet strong 2009 box office at ShoWest


    Motion Picture Association of American chief Dan Glickman and John Fithian, head of the National Association of Theater Owners, deliver positive state of industry speeches at ShoWest; Glickman bids farewell.
  • Sony's Lynton kicks off ShoWest


    The film exhibition industry’s biggest convention kicks off in Las Vegas in an uncertain mood despite a strong year of 3D successes.
  • Numbers suggest the world is flat


    China, France and Germany saw a significant rise in ticket sales in the third quarter of 2009 to help put the global box office back on track. Leonard Klady reports
  • Third-quarter international box office barely moves from 2007 figures


    Cinema may indeed be recession proof but the third-quarter figures for international markets do not suggest a rush to the multiplex escapism.


  • Box office gap between international and domestic widens in Q1


    Screen International's first-quarter box office survey indicates a widening gap between international and domestic performance.Click here to see international market share by distributor
  • 3D needsfully-rounded pictures


    Back in the late 1970s, there was a rumour that John Frankenheimer was preparing to make his next film in a bygone movie phenomenon called 3D. A call to the film-maker confirmed the scuttlebutt.
  • The International view - Indecent proposal


    There is a tendency at events of the nature of ShoWest - the largest congregation of family-rated film exhibitors - to offer advice. The agenda is rife with forums that allow one to wax philosophical, from panels with crystal ball premises, to homage and tributes that turn the spotlight on both the worthy and the conveniently available.
  • MPAA's Glickman, NATO's Fithian sound the drum for theatrical film


    If every silver lining has its cloud, neither Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) Chairman Dan Glickman nor National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) President John Fithian felt compelled to mention current or future impediments to the health of film exhibition in their annual addresses at the ShoWest exhibition convention.Last week the MPAA released box office figures for 2007 that reflected box office but not admission gains and Glickman choose to emphasize ...
  • New markets, 3-D, local films to spur growth, say international distribs


    Senior executives of the six American majors' international divisions provided a surprisingly candid and freewheeling discussion in the rather amorphously titled panel 'The Industry Speaks Out' as part of opening day activities at the ShoWest exhibition convention.'We have to stop dividing the world in two,' said Paramount Pictures International President Andrew Cripps. 'You don't have the same homogeneity internationally that you do in domestic. The sensitivities and logistics ...
  • MPAA claims record domestic, international numbers for 2007


    The Motion Picture Association of America announced a record box office of $9.63bn for the calendar year 2007 in the domestic marketplace. Additionally it cited international box office of $17.09bn for a global revenue tally of $26.72bn that represented a 4.7% increase from 2006.MPAA president Daniel Glickman presided over a press conference call yesterday detailing industry statistics with particular emphasis on member company activity. 'I think it's fair to say that the ...
  • The international view - The big pictures


    Impressive-looking 2007 box-office revenue figures have already been tarnished by questions about the profitability of the films. But there are other questions that should be concerning the industry.
  • The International view - The wheel: re-invented


    From the beginning, the film industry has revelled in reheating its past and serving it up again and again and again. Great film-makers from John Ford to Kon Ichikawa have remade their own films and sometimes that exercise has expanded or embellished on an original.
  • Fugitive Pieces


    Dir: Jeremy Podeswa. Canada. 108 minsSomewhere in the midst of Fugitive Pieces, a story informed by memories of the Holocaust, a character explains that the amazing aspect of wood is not that it burns, but that it floats. The life lesson is that in all things there is a positive and negative component. And the same can be said of this adaptation of the novel by Anne Michaels.
  • Bergman and Antonioni: through a lens darkly


    Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni both challenged audiences and understood the power of film, saysLen Klady
  • Shooting messengers


    Attacks on film critics are misguided. It is the executive suites that have lost the popular touch, argues Len Klady.
  • Beginning of the End's run


    Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End made Spider-Man 3 walk the plank this weekend. BVI's third instalment of the franchise knocked Sony's web-slinger off the top spot as it raked in a whopping $216.3m from 102 territories in its first weekend, for a total of $251m to date.
  • A Stone's Throw


  • Everything's Gone Green


    Dir: Paul Fox. Canada. 2006. 92mins.
  • Lake Of Fire


  • Brand Upon The Brain


    Dir: Guy Maddin. US-Can. 2006. 97mins.Arguably the first true silent movie produced ineight decades, Guy Maddin's Brand Upon The Brain premiered in Toronto with a liveorchestra, in-house sound effects artists, a singer and narrator providing apure cinematic full monty. And though there areobvious challenges in recreating such a singular event, ...
  • The Journals Of Knud Rasmussen


    Dirs/scr:Zacharis Kunuk, NormanCohn. Can-Den. 2006. 112mins.The combination of an opening night slotin Toronto and the pressure of following up on their justly heralded debut Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner - which won Cannes'Camera d'Or in 2001 - provide film-makers Zacharis Kunuk and Norman Cohenwith a searing spotlight for their new feature The Journals Of Knud Rasmussen. But whileit avoids the bane of the ...
  • Audience slump, shrinking windows under the spotlight at ShoWest


    "Let's look at things in thelong term" emerged as the mantra for addresses given by Motion PictureAssociation of America (MPAA) chairman Dan Glickman and National Association ofTheater Owners (NATO) president John Fithian at the opening ceremonies of theShoWest convention for theatrical exhibition today in Las Vegas.
  • Pixar's Cars surprises industry audience at ShoWest


    Pixar Animation's eagerlyawaited Cars screened at ShoWeston Tuesday night to a mixed reception from industry delegates.
  • Exhibitors and distributors face new challenges, says Glickman


    ShoWest, the annualconvention of film exhibition, got underway today in Las Vegas with itstraditional Monday emphasis on the international marketplace. Since 2000, theevent has sought to erase global borders in its participation and this yearattracted delegates from 50 nations with major increases in participation fromRussia and Asian countries. Korea's Lotte Cinema was given the award ofinternational distinction during the curtain raiser.
  • Japan's box-office takings down 8%


    Box office takings in Japan weredown 8% in 2005 with initial estimates pegging the box office for the last 12months at close to $1.82 billion. Technically there was not a single $100mgrosser though Howl's Moving Castlecontinued to perform well, following its first place ranking in 2004 of morethan $180m with an additional $50m that ranked ahead of all local releases lastyear. And the fourth installment of the HarryPotter ...
  • Lie With Me


  • These Girls


    Dir: John Hazlett. Can. 2005. 92mins
  • C.R.A.Z.Y.


  • Beauty Remains (Mei Ren Yi Jiu)


  • SHOWEST SEMINAR: rising admissions in int'l markets


    Titled "Strategies onIncreasing Admissions in Today's Marketplace," the kickoff seminar at theShoWest exhibition convention provided plenty of data to chew on but a paucityof answers to fears that the current international audience might decline as otherforms of entertainment assert themselves in the developing digital universe.Presenters included Nick King, president Neilsen Entertainment International;Tomas Jegeus, exec vp marketing, Twentieth Century Fox Intl and SuwatThongrompo, ...
  • Phil The Alien


  • Tell Them Who You Are


  • It's All Gone Pete Tong


  • Childstar


  • Saint Ralph


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