The London Film School’s European low-budget film forum, For a Few Euros Less, will take place between June 14 - 19 in Budapest.

The event, which is in its second year, is a forum, festival, conference and graduate training workshop. It aims to bring together French, Danish, Hungarian and UK directors and producers with young film-makers.

It is hoped that through its workshops and sessions, which will contrast funding, marketing and distribution across the four countries, it will have an impact on policy and practice across Europe.

The London Film School (LFS) works in partnership with La Femis, the National Film School of Denmark and Budapest Academy of Drama and Film, theUrania Cinema and The Budapest Academy of Drama and Film.

LFS director Ben Gibson said: “Recent events all around the world remind us how much the creative community needs to build value. Every new Euro gets you more of a film, but loses you some freedom too. Learning to work within the numbers is a spur to creativity and helps new film-makers build careers in which the deal follows the film, rather than the other way about.”