Based on Emili Teixidor’s award winning novel set in 1943 about a boy who has to choose between joining the Spanish Civil War’s victors or the Republicans, whom his family supported.

Prod Companies: Massa d’Or Productions (Spain), PJ Production (France)

Backers: Television Espanola (TVE), Catalan Fund backed by Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries and Catalan broadcaster TV3

Budget: $6m

Producers: Isona Passola

Int’l sales: TVE

Director: Agusti Villaronga

Screenplay: Agusti Villaronga


Production design: TBC

Art Director: TBC

Cast: Sergi Lopez (Pan’s Labyrinth), Oscar Jaenada (The Limits Of Control), Eduard Fernandez (Biuiful)

Locations: Barcelona, Spain

Shooting from when until when: From July 20, 2009

Contact: TVE, (34) 91 496 2926