Shooting has begun in Zagrebon UK commercials director Dominic Murphy's $2m debut featureWhite Lightnin'.

The filmhas been able to use the UK tax credit,qualifying as a British movie despite beingan Americanstory shooting in Croatia and the US.

Thestory of Appalachian mountain dancerJesco White was written bythe founders of Canadian hipster magazine Vice,Shane Smith and Eddie Moretti.

It features RADA-trained UK actor Edward Hogg inhis first lead role, alongside Carrie Fisher and Muse Watson.

White Lighnin' was developed by Film and Music Entertainment and Vice Films, and produced by Mike Downey and Samantha Taylor for Valley Films/Mountain Productions, their UK producing co-venture with Vice Films.

It is supported by the UK Film Council's New Cinema Fund and picked up for UK distribution by Momentum. The film is being sold worldwide by Lumina Films.

The moviegathers enough points to qualifyas British through its director and star, using UK post-production facilities and key personnel, including cinematographer Tim Maurice Jones.

'We were pleasantly surprised about how we were able to fit into the new system. The tax credit can be a tolerant tool,' said Downey.

'I don't think we had to make many compromises with this film although it might have been different in other circumstances.'

The UK tax credit was introduced earlier this year following the scrapping of the previous sale and leasback schemes.