Actress, UK Stars Of Tomorrow 2010

Ophelia Lovibond

It is difficult to categorise the kind of parts Ophelia Lovibond gets cast in and she would not have it any other way. Bitten by the acting bug at the age of 10, Lovibond has notched up a wide variety of productions and characters in her career including the flirty receptionist in the cult ITV sitcom FM, the introverted loner carrying emotional baggage in the recently released and - in her first US film and one that is going to put her on the Hollywood map - the selfish, vain Valley girl in the as-yet-untitled Ivan Reitman romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher, Natalie Portman and Kevin Kline. “I get to ham it up a little,” she says of the Reitman film, “and it’s great to get the chance to do something so different to but mostly I’m just pinching myself that I’m in the same room as these incredible American actors.”

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